minimalistic gatherings, including weddings. Often people misunderstand minimalism and tend to mix it with frugalism. However, that is not true. While frugal is about getting more in less money, minimalism entails adopting the “less is more” approach when it comes to style. And when planning a wedding, it’s typical for people to mix the two.

However, you can still choose to create a simple yet aesthetically appealing wedding by being a bit of both.  Minimalist weddings are all about being intentional about what things should be part of your big day. This means eliminating the over-the-top details along with clearing away the clutter. Therefore, if you are thinking of avoiding a big fat Greek wedding, look at the following tips for the perfect minimalist wedding.

Ditch stuffy venues

Many couples tend to put all their energy into finding the perfect venue instead of creating the right ambiance. And this alone can be the deciding factor between having a minimalistic wedding or a hotchpotch clutter fest. Therefore, the first step of planning a minimalist wedding is to ditch large, stuffy, and over-the-top venues and go for something natural and simple.

Consider a location with plenty of light, a natural setting, and a basic outlook for your big day. For instance, you can opt for a breezy beach wedding in California with a simple seating arrangement for the perfect minimalistic aesthetic. You can spruce it up by adding a pop of color with exotic floral arrangements. Just run a quick Google search for wedding florist Newport beach CA to shortlist a few vendors and decide accordingly. Or you can opt for a lovely outdoor garden wedding if you’re not one for sand, water, and salt. Add a light net canopy, eco-friendly confetti, floral centerpieces, and you’re all set. Avoid venues adorned with gothic elements; they tend to be too loud and do not help create an ideal setting for a minimalist wedding. It will help if you decide on your wedding theme first.

Stick to a budget

As we said, minimalism isn’t frugalism. Still, having a budget helps keep things under control. And there’s nothing wrong if your budget is healthy as long as you spend it sensibly to achieve your desired aesthetic. Spend as much as you want on the correct details or as little as you want to avoid going wrong.

With a reasonable budget, you can decide what to skip and what matters most for the perfect yet simple look. Usually, the decorations and seating arrangement make a wedding look more chunky and less minimal. Therefore, decide on what décor elements get the better half of your budget. You can choose to have as few seats as possible and focus more on flowers and frills. If you want, you can divert your money to spend more on a honeymoon instead of the wedding itself. This way, you’ll inevitably keep things simple for your big day.

Invite even fewer guests

Ask yourself; is it really necessary to invite the person your cousin is currently dating? Should you even consider inviting the cousin in the first place? Of course not! If your goal is to host a minimalist wedding, one of the best ways to achieve this is by slashing the guest list.

It’s best to restrict yourself to a number and focus on who’s essential. Ensure that you include your close friends and family. Also, limit the number of bridesmaids and best men to keep the total as low as possible. Don’t add +1s on the invites to avoid any unwanted extras. This way, you’ll also be able to cut down on seating and refreshment costs.

Cut down unnecessary props and venue decor

Suppose you are going for a more natural setting. In that case, it’s better to skip unnecessary props and play with elements Mother Nature has to offer. For instance, outdoor daytime weddings at the beach, in a garden, or your backyard, eliminate the need for extra lighting. Naturalistic elements such as the greenery and landscape can alone suffice as a unique aesthetic.

While you are planning for a minimalistic wedding and planning an outdoor event, adding a simple hanging vase with beautiful flowers can instantly become the talk of the event. However, you need to ensure that the color contrast of the vase matches your theme.

Deciding on the design of the vase can be challenging. If the color is too bright, it can overpower the theme. If it is too bland, it can turn off everyone’s mood. The best way to overcome this challenge is to use glass vases. 

If you want to know what kind of glass vase will perfectly suit you, click here to see more.

Opt for décor ideas that create a statement. For instance, create a simple arch with blooms over the main altar. Or place center and aisle arrangements instead of fabric and props all over the place. The materials you use will also help in creating a less cluttered look. Choose light, fine furniture instead of stuff that’s wooden and clunky.

Digitalize wedding invitations

Have you ever wondered why wedding invitations are so expensive? It’s because the more you customize it in terms of materials, color, and printing methods, the more it adds up to an excessive amount. For instance, using letterpress printing for up to 100 invites will alone cost you $1,600 on the low end. Subsequently, suppose you opt for something as extravagant as engraved invitations. In that case, 100 invites can cost you anything close to $2,200 as a starting price. Here’s where it’s okay to be a bit frugal than more minimal.

Almost everyone on your guest list probably has an email address or smartphone. So, why not use a quick and straightforward approach of sending out invites? You can quickly whip up an attractive design if you have the skills or with the help of online design tools. When you’re finished designing, send out invites via an email or instant messaging app. This way, you’ll also positively contribute to the environment by reducing paper waste.


Smaller weddings have become increasingly popular post the Covid-19 pandemic. Hence if you’re planning to get married anytime soon, a minimalist theme makes perfect sense. A minimalist approach allows you to focus on the essential elements of your big day while still keeping it classy.  This article went over a few ideas for the perfect minimalist wedding. These include choosing a natural venue, setting a budget, inviting fewer people, and keeping fewer props. If you want to avoid too much complication, this is the route to plan your walk down the aisle.

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