With headlines of data hacking and security breaches everyday, we are becoming much more aware of our digital presence. Many app makers are now busy developing apps that are secured with high encryption standards and an end to end encryption. As millions of people worldwide rely on their smartphones to exchange their information, having the best encrypted instant messaging app is crucial.

What is an end to end encryption?

It is a secure communication method where only the communicators can read the messages. The message cannot be accessed by a third-party(service providers or the government) as it will be stored with them in an encrypted format.

The recipient can retrieve the encrypted data and decrypt it themselves. Thus, with an encrypted messaging app, the user can effortlessly share the information with their co-workers, friends and family.

So, if privacy and confidentiality is a vital component for the user, then here are the top five most encrypted messaging apps in the world that will protect their user’s data.


Available for iOS and Android smartphone users, Signal is the top most encrypted app available. It is one of the very few instant messaging apps that has been endorsed by Edward Snowden. It is free for all encrypted instant messaging solution that offers voice calls, group messaging and attachments.However, the highlight of the Signal app is that it does not require exclusive login access or an OTP(One-Time Password).

Highlights of Signal:

  • It is an open source software that lets anyone check its coding for flaws.
  • It uses an end to end encryption that is updated on a regular basis.
  • It also comes with an encrypted voice-calling feature.
  • The messages can be set to self-destruct after a specific period.
  • It also comes with a browser plugin that lets you check messages while working in your desktop.


Being considered as the second most encrypted messaging apps, Telegram requires your phone number for its usage. The highlight of this messaging app is that it is device-specific. There is an option for starting secret chats in its settings. It also comes with the essential features of voice calls, group messaging and the works.

Telegram’s advantages:

  • Comes with the option of secret chats in its advanced settings and will not be stored in Telegram’s servers.
  • When the user enables this option, the chats will be automatically deleted across platforms.
  • The user also has the option to set a timeline for the deletion.
  • Easily sync the messages across various devices at once.
  • The user can set bots to share their media files or for specific tasks.
  • The user interface is minimalistic and is free to use the app.

Viber messenger:

Similar to Skype, this encrypted app was first designed for iOS users in 2012. Then it was made available for all platforms of Mac, iOS, Android, and Blackberry. Viber has introduced end-to-end encryption technology in its latest update. Apart from being a secure messaging app, this app allows its user to play games, follow public accounts, share media file, and so on.

Viber’s advantage:

  • It uses a colour-coded system to show the conversation’s status.
  • The color grey means the conversation is encrypted.
  • Green means the encrypted conversation is happening with a trusted contact.
  • Red means there is an issue with the conversation’s authentication.
  • The user has the option to hide the chats and access them later.
  • If the user has theapp on a shared device, they can hide their private chats.
  • It has Viber encryption viewer that allows it, user, to learn in depth about its encryption standards.

Silence messenger:

Also known as SMS secure, Silence is a brilliant end to end encryption instant messaging app. Silence uses an Axolotl encryption protocol to provide end to end encryption services to its users. One of the prominent features of this app is that, if the other party does not have this app installed, the user can still communicate with them like a regular messaging application.

Highlights of the App:

  • It works like a regular messaging app.
  • The SMS messages can be encrypted when sending to other silence users.
  • It requires no server or an internet connection for its work.
  • It does not require any login credentials or pin.
  • It is an open-source app.
  • Any expert can check the platform for its vulnerabilities.


One of the most popular and most used a secure instant messaging service for Android and iOS users. WhatsApp messaging is used by more than a billion users worldwide and was acquired by Facebook in 2014.

Similar to the Signal app, WhatsApp partnered with Open Whisper Systems to implement end to end encryption systems in their interface. This encryption technique lets the communicators read the messages without third-party access.

Features of WhatsApp:

  • It is useful for both individual and small to medium-sized enterprise users.
  • The user can send voice messages, GIFs, media files, and so much more.
  • With a user-friendly and straightforward interface, WhatsApp has captured a significant market-share in messaging.
  • With a web feature, the user can receive notifications through their desktops.
  • The user can verify their contact’s secure status with a 60 digit verification code or a QR code.
  • WhatsApp does not store its users’ messages in its servers.

However, these apps have also had their fair share of controversies as well. If the user is looking for a solution that protects their information shared with their organization, the Microsoft Kaizala is a wise choice.

Microsoft Kaizala:

If you want to protect the messages of your enterprise from malicious hackers, spies and other threats, then Kaizala is a perfect solution.

It is a simple and secure phone number supported chat app that is specially designed for workplace communication. The user can create a network between their co-workers, vendors, partners and suppliers.

Features of Kaizala App:

  • It lets you connect and coordinate with many people at the same time.
  • The user can share documents, files, photos and videos in a few taps.
  • Customization of groups according to the work schedule of the user.
  • The user can conduct polls, survey through their groups.
  • The user can conduct training and gather insights from the platform.
  • Its open API interface and can be integrated with Microsoft Office 365.
  • The management portal of this app lets the user manage its participants and group policies.
  • The user can enforce Azure sign-in authorization to enhance the security of the portal.
  • The app comes in a free and paid version which the user can choose according to the size of the organization.

We live in a fast-paced digital world where our data and privacy matters the most. If you are looking for a solution that provides with an even more secure platform, the Microsoft Kaizala would be the editor’s choice.

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