Ford cuts the price of the F-150 Lightning truck by up to $10,000

F-150 Lightning truck
Ford F-150 Lightning display / Shutter Stock

Ford has slashed prices for its F-150 Lightning electric truck, saying its efforts to boost production and lower battery metal costs have paid off.

Ford said prices for some of the lowest-cost versions will drop by about $10,000, and prices for all versions, including the high-end Platinum model, will fall by at least $6,000 from levels set in March.

Ford has increased the prices of the Lightning several times since its debut in 2021, due to supply issues and high prices for the metals used in batteries, and Ford has been ramping up production of the truck in recent months.

At the time of its debut in 2021, the lowest-priced version of Lightning was priced around $40,000, and that price has gone up several times, reaching around $60,000 in March.

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