Before we explain you everything about full managed VPS and underline which is the best VPS plan, let’s clear our understanding on VPS or Virtual Private Servers. VPS is a midway between shared hosting and dedicated servers. Shared hosting is perfect for an entry level website. However, once the blog or website starts receiving high traffic or you want to introduce advanced features, the infrastructure of shared hosting may not be enough. This is when a dedicated server comes into picture. However, dedicated servers are not for everyone. They are expensive, and unless the nature of data is very critical to your business or client, a dedicated server will amount to an unnecessary expense.

VPS- A Logical Next Step from Shared Hosting

VPS is a powerful hosting platform that is best fit for a growing business. In many ways, VPS is like a Dedicated Physical Server. VPS hosting providers use virtualization software like Parallels Virtuozzo Containers (PVC), Xen or VMware to split the computing resources of a physical server to act as VM (Virtual Machines). These VM’s are emulations of computer systems and allow VPS account holders to run independent OS and software environment. These resources allow a business enough resources to run any website efficiently.

Owing to the shared infrastructure, the price of VPS hosting is very reasonable. Over time, virtualization in web hosting has become sophisticated and extremely functional. They are the best fit for business with dynamic needs. When exploring various VPS Plans, you will come across the following options-

  • Self-Managed VPS Plans
  • Fully-Managed VPS Plans

The price and features of each of these VPS plans vary depending upon the level of autonomy and support you are seeking.

 Fully Managed VPS V/S Self- Managed VPS

When it comes to performance, both fully Managed and Self- Managed VPS are at par. The difference, however lies in the level of support and features of the plan. Here’s a breakdown of the differences between both platforms-

SupportEnd-to end Support by a Dedicated Team
Root AccessConfigurable on RequestComplete root access


Who is it for?

Hardcore system administrator who understands the terminal and prefer setting up, configuring and maintaining the servers themselves.Business Owners who do not want to get your hands into the nitty-gritty of server management and instead want to focus on the growth & expansion of your online business
PriceAnywhere between $50 to $100Anywhere between $25 to $80


Features of Fully Managed VPS:

Proactive Software Updates –  With a managed VPS account, it is the responsibility of the hosting provider to upgrade the OS and software on a periodic basis. The server environment that works on the latest version of the software is less susceptible to malware attacks. In the case of fully managed VPS, the upgrades happen seamlessly, allowing you to offer the best online service to your customers.

Advanced Security Features – A secured server is a precursor to website security. With a fully managed VPS, you get access to tools like SiteLock that take care of the security aspect of your website in the most convenient manner. Such tools are a default part of fully managed VPS plans. Secondly, all the security vulnerabilities are regularly patched and leveraged so that you can run your website in the most secure environment.

Complete Server Monitoring- Network safety and server monitoring is part of fully managed VPS plans. Server monitoring entails averting any attempt of DDOS attacks and comprehensive container monitoring. This will ensure that your server never faces downtime and you can run your business optimally.

Technical Support- If at any point in time, support is required a team of dedicated IT professionals will respond to your queries. The dedicated IT team can configure the server as per your requirement. Therefore, you do not have to spend too much time accessing and setting the terminal. You can instead focus on business development and other aspects of your service.

 Disaster Recovery/Backup – This is a significant feature of fully managed VPS plans. Disaster Recovery and backup is an on-demand service. A user can contact the customer support team of the hosting provider to raise such request. It should be noted that the extent of backup and recovery differs from one scenario to the other and vary from partial to 100% recovery.

 Summing up

Fully-managed VPS plans are designed for specific users who want to be backed by a powerful server as well the ease of handling it through cPanel. It is the best VPS plan for webmasters and business owners who have a limited understanding of servers and their operations. Although it can be used by anyone it is not recommended for new business owners or webmasters.

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