What kind of app do you use most when you’re traveling abroad or in a local city? Yes, it is something that would help in pointing you in the right direction. It’s safe to say that google maps navigation would be the best of them with its precise navigation, complete details of the map, and so many features that Google adds when they update it.

Most of you must only use Google Maps only to find the directions, the right route to take, or the location of that good ramen restaurant. We didn’t even think about how Google got a good grasp of the world using the app.

Most of its features are mostly hidden in the settings, and you usually won’t notice them unless you really know what you’re looking for, am I right? To save you from that kind of hunt, we’ve dedicated this article just for you to find out what kind of tricks and secrets are hidden for you.

Custom Travel Maps

Most people don’t even know that you can customize and create a mapmaker from Google Maps. It is an amazing way for you to create a visual itinerary, or to show your friends where you have been on one of your travels. This is extremely easy to use, and you can share this with anyone you want.

Although you won’t be able to use the actual app of Google Maps to create your own custom version, there are a few tricks that would let you view, modify, and generate custom maps on your mobile phone devices.

Add More Than One Stop On Your Journey

Every trip you have made in your life must not have only been from point A to point B, right? It will be a great thing if you are able to plot all of the desired locations you have planned all at once. With Google Maps, you can surely do all that.

All you have to do is just acquire directions for the first two locations, how it is usually used by people. You can then tap the icon for the menu and press the “Add Stop,” next is for you to locate the next location. Finally, press the “Add Stop” as much as you want until you have finished plotting your planned route for the day.

Voice Command

There are valid reasons for you to not use the app while you’re driving. So, you shouldn’t be using your phone while driving. Luckily for us, there are a lot of voice commands that would allow you to carry out everything from knowing when’s your next turn to even pointing you to the nearest gas station.

If you search the internet for the full list of commands, you will be able to use the app efficiently, even when you’re strolling down a city or somewhere else. All you have to do is press the microphone icon, then say “OK Google,” and utter the command you want the app to do.

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Trips Can Be Shared

There are numerous apps that would let you share your location with your group of friends. Although, finding that certain app that everyone is using can be quite difficult. The probability that people are using Google Maps on their mobile devices is quite high. So, if they do, sharing your location with your friends would only take a few taps on your phone.

Measuring Tape

We are sure you did not have any idea that there is a built-in measuring tape on the Google Maps app. If you’re using the app, press and hold on a specific location to release a pin, then swipe up and tap “Measure Distance.” Tap the “+” button if you wish to add multiple points you want to measure.

You can use this to calculate the gap when you plan on walking along the beach or just strolling along the city, and you want to know which route is the shortest for you to take. You might say that is the whole point of using the app, right? We mean, you can simply measure any two points on the map not wholly confined on the roads.


Well, there you have it! How many of these have you already know? Google Maps have certainly made our lives a lot easier and more practical. There are still a lot of tricks that haven’t been discussed in this article, but you can discover them on your own and show them to your friends.

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