A simple and easy-to-use bag usually comes as the first choice for light travel. This is the reason why Canvas Tote Bags become the most popular bags for that purpose. It is light, easy to clean, and comfortable to use. But, that’s not the only reason, why this bag is so popular. There are many other benefits you can get from this simple bag.

Environmental Friendly

Canvas tote bag usually is made of organic material, such as cotton and other materials. Therefore, compared to the plastic bag, this bag is environmentally friendlier. It is also reusable. You can wash it and use it again after it got dirty from your journey. And, if you don’t need it, because it’s made of organic material, this bag will be able to recycle.


Most of the tote bags brand and the provider has a special service, where you can customize their product. This means you have more freedom to create any design that will be printed on your tote bags. It is customizable because of its organic material.

The organic material allows you to easily paint or print anything on it. Unlike plastic or synthetic material, that needs special paint or methods to put any design on it. Moreover, you also can customize the size and shape as well. This is a good thing because you can get the tote bags with the design that perfectly matches with your style.

Many online stores and brands offer this customizable service. To use it, you can visit their website, choose the bag, choose or upload the design, and finish the purchasing process. When you get it on your hand, you will get the tote bag with your personal design.

For Anyone

Tote bags weren’t originally created for a specific gender. Men or women can use this bag without worry. As we mentioned before, it’s customizable. So, you can make it cool and macho, which is perfect for men. Or, you also can add cute design and shape to turn it into a girly tote bag. How it will look, its all up to you.


Tote bags, mostly, has a big size. You can use it to carry many objects. However, that’s not only the good features of canvas tote bags. Some brands also add accessories or features, which make it easier to use for many purposes.

For example, there is a tote bag with front zipper. Inside that part, you can find a special pocket for your gadget. Or, there is also the product with the padded back panel. This bag is perfect for long travel. Some tote bags also have a divider inside. It is perfect for you who travel a lot and carry many things. The divider will help you to organize your stuff. So, you can easily find the object that you need.

The best of all, you can use it for two totally different purposes. For example, in the morning, you can carry this bag to go to the market and shop for grocery. Then, in the afternoon, you can carry it for hanging out with your friend. The multi-function feature also can be seen in its design, which allows it to be used for these two different purposes.

High Durability

Even though it is made of organic material, canvas tote bags have high durability. It won’t damage easily, even after you use it for heavy physical activity. You also can easily clean it, which make it last longer than other bags. By cleaning or washing it, you can remove the dirt that can cause mold and other problems. That also means you can prevent any damage to this bag.

Affordable Price

The canvas tote bag is always affordable. The easy to acquire material, plus its also recyclable, is the main reason why you can get this bag at a cheaper price. However, with a lot of benefits we explained above, we can say that this is a good deal. You get a good-quality bag with less money than what you need to spend on other casual bags.


Basically, tote bags are a bag that you must have. It has a lot of features and benefits. It will definitely be useful for your daily activity. Try and get you a Custom Tote Bags, and you will feel the difference.

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