It’s been proven that giving a person positive encouragement can have a tremendous effect on their psyche. That’s why in several situations, it’s appropriate to celebrate the people around you by handing them certificates, awards, and other accolades to let them know you see their achievements and they mean something.

Whether you’re a classroom teacher or a parent that wants to pat your kids on the back, finding the right software to make certificates can make generating awards fun and easy! Below, we share 5 of our favorite pieces of certificate software that we think you’ll love.

1. Microsoft Word

Since most people have Microsoft Word on their computer already, we figured that suggesting this tool would be a good place to start. Microsoft Word is a flexible word processor that allows you to blend text and images to craft stunning certificates.

If you’re not super creative and think you won’t be able to piece together something special, don’t worry! Word offers several certificate templates you can use straight from the program and ones you can download from its website.

2. Canva

Canva is quickly becoming a graphic designer’s go-to tool for everything from creating stunning PowerPoint decks to crafting out of this world certificates. The best part about Canva? It’s 100% free to use!

If you’ve never used Canva before, head over to the website and prepare to be amazed by its design templates.

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3. Adobe InDesign

For those of you who are mid to professional-level designers and artists, you’ll want to use Adobe InDesign as your means to make certificates. Adobe InDesign is a tool that’s used to craft everything from flyers to newspapers. The tool is a favorite among professionals that produce materials for national and even worldwide distribution.

Adobe InDesign can be purchased on a month-to-month basis through Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite.

4. Adobe Spark

If you like Adobe but find InDesign to be more than what you need, have a look at Adobe Spark. Adobe Spark has hundreds of certificate templates that you can use and the tool is free.

Adobe Spark will also sync with your asset library if you have design elements (typefaces, color pallets, etc.) in your Creative Cloud account.

5. Certificate Magic

While not as robust or as showy as the other suggestions on our list, Certificate Magic is a cloud-based application that can help you make certificates quickly. Just head over to their website, pick a template, insert your text, and download your finished product!

It Has Never Been Easier to Make Certificates

Whether you’re looking to craft a quick and easy award or one that captures your knack for design, there are a virtually infinite amount of ways to make certificates. We hope you’ll try and fall in love with a few of the suggestions we’ve just shared.For more top 5 write-ups, take a look at the newest content we have up on our blog!