Even though there are many tablets in the market that can work as your personal assistants. Keeping track of all your work, providing daily reminders and giving you access to the world in just a simple touch, these powerful devices really are doing wonders for people. Yet there is a simple perception; comfort and luxury comes with money. This perception generates from technology being too expensive that only people with a large amount of money can purchase the gadgets that can provide luxurious comfort. But this doesn’t have to be true.

How to find the best budget 7 inch tablet:

There are many budget gadgets that are designed to give humankind comfort in an affordable price so even if you don’t earn millions, you can have luxury and comfort easily. Same is the case with best 7 inch tablets under 100 dollars.

These devices are designed to provide all the features of the expensive tablets in an affordable price so the people who want to buy budget tablets can easily afford them.

Yet there is a large number of seven inch tablets available in the market, all of which claim to provide amazing features. So if you think that finding a best 7 inch tablet under 100 dollars is an easy task, you might be wrong. Frankly speaking, this can be a very hard process to find best tablets which will provide you with amazing features and still come in your decided budget.

Market research is important:

If you have to get a best tablet which provides high specs and good quality, the first thing is to do market research. You will be faced with many choices. Here are many tablets that have android system, many others have iOs system yet some others also offer windows operating systems.

So the question is, how to know which tablet is best for you and which tablet will come at affordable price yet provide all those amazing features like expensive tablets?

Luckily, there are a certain key points which will ensure that you get the best 7 inch tablets under 100 without compromising on quality and specs. These features are explained in the list below. You need to consider these features before buying a tablet under 100 so that you get your money’s worth.

Keep these features in mind while doing your research and you will be able to differentiate among many features and also select the tablet which provides best features.

1. RAM:

The best tablets that are available in an affordable price range of 100 dollars, come equipped with a RAM of 1 GB or 1.5 GB. A high performance or mid-range tablet can provide you with amazing power that will be enough to manage all your tasks in this pocket size easily.

The one thing you will have to make sure if you are looking for a high performance tablet, is to ensure its compatibility with the CPU. A tablet with a higher RAM power will provide more compatibility with higher CPU power. So you may need to get a tablet with 1.5 GB RAM with high GHz processor.

2. CPU:

For a tablet that provides high performance, the CPU power should match the RAM power, as is described above. So, look for a combination of CPU and RAM.

If you are getting a tablet of 1.5 GB, then the suitable CPU power will be 1.2 GHz, 1.3 GHz or 1.4 GHz.

3. Internal storage:

Another factor that ensures that a tablet provides high performance, is the internal storage of the tablet. However large the internal space, the smoother will be the speed and functioning of the tablet.

If you are getting a tablet which will allow you to save large files or which will allow you to play high graphic video games, then you need to get a tablet which can provide more than 32 GB of space. And even though it looks impossible to get a tablet which provides this much space in a budget of 100 dollars, it is pretty easy to get one.

You can get a tablet which provides up to 52 GB of storage space in a reasonable price of 100 dollars. Though if the work you are going to do is just storing some small files and working more on apps, it can be easily accommodated on any tablet under 100 dollars.

You can also use a micro SD card with these tablets which will allow you to increase the storage space up to 256 GB.

4. Battery:

A good tablet provides you with high quality performance no matter where you are. To ensure that you can use the tablet whether you are at your home, office or anywhere else, the best tablet should provide you with a long battery life so that you can rely on it.

The best tablets at affordable price can have a battery life which can run up to 12 hours or more. Yet there are many tablets that have chargers that provide quick charging. No one wants to keep their mobile devices connected to the socket so you can go for a tablet which provides quick charging.

5. Screen size:

This is the most important feature in any tablet or mobile device that you can look for. Good screen size lets you enjoy all the movies and games in a realistic manner. The screen size also decides the screen resolution of the tablet so the best laptops also has high resolution which allows you to watch HD movies and take good quality pictures on your tablet.

If you want a high quality tablet which has high resolution screen, you will need a good screen size. This will ensure that you enjoy all the features that the tablet provides without facing any problems in resolution.

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When you are deciding to buy a tablet that comes at an affordable price, there are a certain things to consider before making the final choice. Research of the market is very important in order to know which brands provide amazing products and which the best features among them are. When you have considered all the features, it will allow you to decide on the best product in your budget.