Hackers penetrate the largest office of the FBI .. infiltrated the computer

Hackers penetrate the largest office of the FBI

As the United States recently issued alerts about cyberattacks intensifying, particularly in light of strained Western relationships with Russia and China, a peculiar digital invasion appeared to have targeted one of the FBI’s most prominent offices: New York City.

City officials have alerted the public that a malicious cyber incident has been present on part of the computer network in recent days, and they are striving diligently to ensure it is fully contained.

Exploitation of children

Two sources close to the incident divulged that the FBI has determined that this case is linked to a computer system utilized in investigations regarding networks of sexual exploitation of children, as reported by CNN.

The FBI has confirmed its knowledge of the incident and is striving to secure more information.

He also expressed in a formal statement that the occurrence is an isolated case, and has been successfully restrained. Moreover, investigations are still being conducted to obtain more information on this matter.

It is significant to note that in November 2021, the office was also victimized by a hacking incident. The perpetrator utilized an email address used by FBI correspondences with law enforcement authorities across America, and sent out falsified emails to thousands of businesses claiming there was an alleged threat contained within the letter.

At the time, despite not revealing who was at fault yet, the FBI claimed that a software vulnerability caused the incident.

Governments across the globe have become increasingly concerned about cyber ​​attacks, particularly during times of geopolitical turmoil when it is critical to bolster their security networks.