Teeth are powerful, and their enamel is the hardest substance in our body. Well-maintained teeth can last your whole life, but not maintaining good oral health can lead to complications. Certain activities can cause immense damage to your teeth resulting in infections, damage, loss of teeth, and more.

One of the top-rated doctors in the Bronx, New York, Dr. Nishita Gandhi, advises effective solutions for patients dealing with any dental health problem. To ensure good oral health, especially for your teeth, here are some tips you can follow:

Never Use Your Teeth as Tools

Even if your teeth are strong enough to open a bottle, never do it. This will create pressure on your teeth, causing various complications. Many people start chewing on pencils, pens, or papers as soon as they get nervous. Never use your teeth as a replacement for scissors, cutters, or bottle openers to avoid damage and hefty dental bills.

Never Crunch Hard Foods

Foods with hard or coarse textures can cause damage to the enamel due to pressure applied to cut through it. It can easily get stuck in interdental spaces and lead to problems. If your enamel gets worn down, the tooth and its root become sensitive. You need to be conscious about your food consumption to maintain your teeth’ strength and durability. Avoid foods such as candies, ice, corn on the cob, and pretzels.

Never Chew on Nails

Your fingernails are soft, but it takes an excessive amount of force to bite through your fingernails, and this can cause your teeth to shift and misalign. Sharp edges of nails can cut the gum tissues and can cause infection to the root.

Never Ignore Pain

You might often experience recurring mild discomfort in your teeth. However, many people simply ignore it, and it results in being one of the symptoms or causes of extreme dental damage. It is always recommended to contact your dentist for an oral health exam to help prevent or detect diseases early, which reduces your chances of needing surgery. You can reach out to best cosmetic dentistry Tallahassee if you’re currently looking for a reliable dentist.

Never Brush Using a Hard-bristled Brush

Clean your teeth by using a soft-bristled brush. Stiff bristles can irritate your gums and cause enamel erosion. The worn enamel makes teeth look darker and yellowish and makes it easier for bacteria to develop there, leading to further chances of infection and making teeth susceptible to further pain and damage. Using gentle brushing motions and a soft-bristled toothbrush is always advisable.

Avoid the Use of Tobacco Products

Tobacco products are extremely harmful to your teeth. Not only does it lead to staining of teeth and tooth sensitivity, but it also increases your risk of getting diagnosed with oral cancer. The receding of gums promotes gum diseases, and tartar and plaque are also formed on the tooth surface. It might also lead to inflammation of salivary glands.

Making healthy changes in your lifestyle to protect the condition of your teeth is essential to maintain the quality of your life. Regular appointments with your dentist and proper care ensure good oral health.