Is your WordPress website not performing well? Is the traffic dropping drastically? Are the new sales inquiries hitting a new low? You need the help of a WordPress SEO agency to improve your website’s stats and make it enjoy new heights on the search engine, so that your business can grow again.

Today, when the numbers of Internet users are booming, website numbers are also skyrocketing. As per a recent report, there are more than one billion websites, and the count is growing with each passing minute. In the herd of online platforms, it becomes a challenging task to get noticed by netizens. Even if your site is attractive and contains useful information for people, there are high chances that it goes unnoticed. Isn’t it disappointing? Yes, It is.

However, the good news is that your website can beat others in the competition and make its place in the results of search engines. All you need to do is to follow an excellent marketing strategy. When you aren’t aware of the right technique to achieve desirable results, an SEO agency comes to your site’s rescue.

Hiring an agency or SEO professionals becomes extremely essential when you have an online store made using WooCommerce. In this situation, you need to partner with a WooCommerce SEO agency,

What is a WordPress or WooCommerce SEO Agency

WordPress is known as an easy-to-use open-source platform that comes with lots of advantages, such as easy installation, effective management, supporting numerous media types, and easy to customize. Apart from that, it offers a range of free themes and plug-ins.

Similarly, WooCommerce is an easy-to-use platform to build and manage e-commerce websites. Similar to WordPress, it offers different types of free and premium WordPress extensions to make an online store user-friendly and easy to manage.

Although WooCommerce is SEO-friendly, a website needs to be optimized in the right way to reap favorable results. Apart from that, one can use the WordPress editor to work with content, alt tags, meta descriptions, URLs, and various other page elements to improve the site’s performance.

In this case, you need to work with an agency that offers WooCommerce SEO services. It has professionals who know how to optimize a website in the right way and how to use different types of SEO tools to get favorable results.

Questions to Ask a WordPress or WooCommerce SEO Agency

As WordPress and WooCommerce are commonly used platforms for websites around the world, many SEO agencies offer marketing services. However, not all of them are equally good. It is essential to consider them and their services carefully to ensure that the best professionals have been hired for the SEO services.

Here are some questions suggested by experts that you should ask an SEO agency:

1. What is your approach? 

A company may claim to help your WooCommerce store experience a dramatic increase in the traffic, but it is essential to know how it does that? Asking an agency’s approach to get results will build your confidence in the agency.

A Good WooCommerce SEOcompany follows a comprehensive approach that includes:

  • Project analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • On-page and off-page optimization
  • Re-assessment

When a company shares its strategies and plans around these points, it helps you understand how the agency can help improve your online store’s performance. In addition, elements like competitor analysis tell where your website lacks and where improvements are needed.

2. How will you increase sales?

When you have an online store, your focus should not be solely on increasing the traffic on your website. It is because an agency may use some tricks to bring traffic to your website for some time, but you need more than just traffic.

Ask an agency about its plans and strategies to increase sales for your online store. A reputed, experienced agency reduces the cost of digital marketing while helping generate leads for your online shop. The company’s professionals use a range of unique tools and plug-ins to design a comprehensive SEO campaign to generate organic traffic and increase sales.

3. Do you make a new strategy for each client?

Although there are many SEO tools and techniques that work for everyone, there needs to be a unique plan for each website, especially when it is an online store. Each online site has its own merits, challenges, and expectations. A good WooCommerce SEO agencyunderstands that each website needs to be analyzed differently. Also, a unique approach should be used to improve its rankings on the search engines.

An experienced agency performs audience research to understand the audience and find the most relevant keywords for a website. These keywords not only help your product pages rank well on search engines but also match the queries of ideal buyers’ queries.

4. Will you keep us in the loop?

Some SEO agencies take a project and stay disconnected with clients until favorable results are received. Even if a company is dedicated to achieve marketing objectives, it is essential to stay connected with clients.

Hire an agency only when you are satisfied with its WooCommerce SEO services. The company must provide daily or weekly reports to the client. Also, it should keep the client in the loop.

5. What types of tools do you use for SEO?

When SEO professionals design a campaign, they follow a wide range of tools to analyze a website, check backlinking practices, identify the factors of competitors’ success, and methods to apply for good results.

Before hiring the SEO services for your WooCommerce website, hold a discussion with an agency to learn what types of tools it uses to produce great results. If a company holds back or hesitates to provide information on its methods and tools, consider it a red flag.

A great WooCommerce or WordPress SEO agency is a reliable partner who believes in transparency and building trust. The agency makes true efforts to get great results for an online store.