Cosmetic surgery has always been a controversial subject. But when it comes to dentistry, the concept is very popular. There are many reasons why people decide to go for it. If you are considering it as well but aren’t entirely sure about it, keep on reading to know what the benefits are and what options you have available.


For most people, having dental issues can be problematic when they want to smile. Such people may have anxiety or trouble being expressive in happy moments and even talking if their teeth are visible. This makes them want to avoid social gatherings as much as possible. As a result, dental issues can hurt their social life.

Fixing your smile with cosmetic dentistry can reverse those effects. It will take away the hesitancy of smiling fully, giving you your social life back.


Just like smiling can help you make friends, it can also help you get the job! Here’s how: When you smile or talk freely, you seem more inviting and easy to approach. You look more secure and confident in yourself, making you fun to work with. Pretty much all employers look for these characteristics in a candidate. So, if you have a perfect smile, you are more likely to be all of these things during the interview. Ultimately, your chances of getting the job rise by several folds.


If having a crooked smile or a missing tooth had you bullied in your past, chances are that you are psychologically traumatized. This trauma can hinder your physical and mental well-being. Going for cosmetic dentistry can help you heal that trauma and get over your insecurities.


While the term may sound too intimidating, cosmetic dentistry involves a lot of methods, techniques, and procedures. You can choose one according to your needs and preferences.


Many factors can contribute to the yellowing of the teeth. Some include cigarette smoking, drinking lots of coffee and tea, and the use of certain medications. However, you can always make them white again. Dentists use bleaching chemicals and special mouthpieces to re-whiten your teeth. However, they don’t advise doing this at home and neither do we! Every mouth is different and may react to bleach differently. Before you make any blunders, consult your cosmetic dentist and ask for their opinion. According to the best dentist in Syracuse, some home teeth whitening kits contain ingredients that are actually bad for your teeth. So, it’s best to leave teeth whitening in the hands of your dentist.


Bonding and veneers are a great way to align your teeth and fill those gaps between them. If your smile is misshapen or crooked, this procedure will be the best suitable for you.

Your dentist will create a bonding solution specifically for you and it will be exactly the color of your teeth (or lighter to cover up stains). The dentist will then paint your teeth with this solution.

Veneers, on the other hand, are shells for your teeth. They are porcelain plastic and cover up your dental gaps and imperfections. The expert makes this shell specifically for your teeth and mouth by taking an impression first. Next, they fit the shell on your teeth and shine a special light on top to dry the cement and fix it in place. This entire procedure may take a couple of appointments.


As the name suggests, crowns, also known as caps, sit on top of an existing tooth and cover it. These are great for yellow or severely decaying teeth. They are made from resin, porcelain, or acrylic and are fixed in place using metal. Thus, they don’t fall off when you eat or drink. However, the cap must be specific to the shape and size of your tooth. For this, the dentist first makes a mold of your tooth and then creates a crown accordingly. This cosmetic item can last up to 15 years if taken care of properly. Everyday wear and tear is, however, normal and inevitable. Just avoid giving hard-core challenges to your new crown, like opening bottle caps and getting punched in the face!


Enamel shaping is exactly what it sounds like: it is reshaping your tooth’s enamel. If you have certain teeth that are misshapen or are covering other teeth, you can get them shaved down. The dentist will re-shape your teeth and make them look perfect in one to two appointments. This is a permanent solution to your dental cosmetic problems, so you don’t have to revisit the dentist.

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If you have a missing tooth and want to get a long-lasting (or permanent) solution for this issue, dental implants will be the best choice. These are artificial teeth screwed into your jawline. However, this procedure is not for everybody. You must have a good bone density to be eligible for this procedure. This compulsion is to ensure that your gums and other teeth will be able to hold the new tooth in place. Your dentist will take x-rays of your teeth, to make sure you can have the treatment. Then, he will take impressions of your present teeth to make a crown. Once this is done, he will fit a titanium screw into the jaw where this new tooth is supposed to go. This is, however, a long process and can take several months to complete.


Before answering this question, let us start by clarifying that every surgical procedure in the world has its associated risk. With that being said, there is a reason why educated and experienced professionals are always a top priority. The more practiced and knowledgeable the surgeon, the lesser the risks involved, and the better the results.

The best way to overcome your fears related to cosmetic dentistry is to do your research. Learn about the procedure and make sure you choose the best place to get it done.


Cosmetic dentistry is a luxury you should avail of if you can. It has tons of benefits, as discussed, and there is very little to lose. If you still have your doubts or queries, here’s what you can do: Contact NYC cosmetic dentistry by Kate Brayman DDS and get all your questions answered by an educated and experienced professional.

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