How Counselling Can Help You? Best Counsellors In Victoria Bc

How Counselling Can Help You

Counselling or commonly known as therapy is categorized under the heading of “talking treatments” and enables individuals to talk about their issues and any challenging emotions they may be experiencing in a private, secure setting. The phrase can mean different things to different individuals, but generally speaking, it refers to a process people turn to when they want to make a change in their lives or simply want to delve deeper into their feelings and thoughts.

A therapist or counsellor is not there to sit you down and give you advice. Instead, they will encourage you to talk about your problems in order to find any underlying causes and pinpoint your unique thought patterns.

How Can Talking Therapy Be Beneficial?

Speaking with a stranger can often be simpler than doing so with family or friends. In talking therapy, a qualified counsellor or therapist listens to you and supports you in coming up with your own solutions to issues without passing judgment.

You’ll have time with the therapist to talk, cry, shout, or just ponder. It’s a chance to approach your issues differently with someone who will value your thoughts. You will frequently speak with the therapist alone. However sometimes,  Talking therapies, such as relationship counselling, are held for  groups or couples.

Mostly counselling sessions take place in person  but you might also get them over the phone, via email, or over Skype. There are so many types of talking therapy & all of them strive to make you feel better.

Some say that although talking therapies do not solve their problems but they do make them easier to handle and make them feel happy.

Best Counsellors In Victoria Bc

Registered clinical counselling is a valuable resource for assisting patients in managing their mental health issues. At registered clinical counsellors in Victoria, BC we address depression, anxiety, substance abuse, eating disorders, aging, bullying, stress management, or anger control, careers, relationships, and self-image.

Every person who enters our doors will find a safe zone thanks to the dedication of our staff of therapists. Our counsellors offer a nonjudgmental setting where people can feel comfortable and safe while they explore who they are, how they feel, and any mental health issues they may choose to focus on.

Our group of therapists is qualified to assist people with any of the following:

  • Stress, anxiety, or depression
  • enduring pain
  • Trauma
  • Indigenous and BIPOC counselling
  • Loss and Grief


Isabel is a registered clinical counsellor at Beta Therapeutics. She considers it an honor to assist her patients in tackling significant problems like anxiety, depression, trauma, and chronic pain.  Her clinical approach is  relational, experiential, and emotion-focused. She is passionate about providing a secure environment for her clients to discover how their body and mind are interconnected, since this encourages adaptation and well-being. In addition to fostering the opportunity to develop openness and enthusiasm for “biting” into life’s difficulties and obstacles with greater taste and strength, Isabel’s relational work assists her clients in feeling less alone on their journey.

Linda Duarte, RCC

Linda is another very important member of the integrated healthcare team at BETA Therapeutics. Her areas of expertise include trauma, depression, anxiety, life transitions, and substance use.

She has experience dealing with single people, married couples, and families. Linda is compassionate, patient-focused, and nonjudgmental. She employs a holistic method and collaborates with patients to help them discover their wisdom, special healing, and life purpose. 

Eve Abrams, RCC

She works with adults on difficulties like bulimia and compulsive overeating, dealing with chronic disease, grieving and loss, anxiety, depression, LGBTQ2S+ issues, family conflicts, and power imbalances in relationships. She has assisted clients going through life transitions, communication issues, and poor self-esteem. She has worked with many people who experienced abuse and trauma as children over the years. She has also taught numerous individuals how to appreciate themselves, cultivate self-compassion, better manage their inner critic, and establish clear boundaries with others. Ready to start your journey? Get yourself registered today at registered clinical counsellors in Victoria, BC to start your wellness journey!