Odds are, you’ve likely encountered a scenario where you’ve held certain suspicions about someone. While it’s more common that the suspicious behaviour or lying is about something trivial or small, every once in a while, it can have a significant impact on your life. However, finding the answers you’re looking for can allow you to find clarity and closure, enabling you to move forward with your life.

That’s where private detectives come in. Reputable and dedicated private detectives, such as those at Top Tier Investigations, understand that they are dealing with an extremely sensitive matter and will work tirelessly to provide you with legally obtained information and evidence. Leading with professionalism and discretion, private detectives will go above and beyond to offer you answers that genuinely matter in a cost-effective and timely manner. When you turn to a respected private detective, you can trust that your case will be handled confidentially and with care.

When it comes time to hire a private detective, it only makes sense that you would want the best. Rather than going with someone who’s just in it for the money, you want someone who embodies the above characteristics: caring, trustworthy, dedicated, and discreet. But how do you find the best private detectives? Let’s explore some options below.

Search Online

It’s always a good idea to compile a shortlist of options worth exploring, as you don’t necessarily need to go with the first private detective firm that you speak with. Running a quick Google search is a great way to find names and develop potential candidates if you truly have no idea where to start. Companies that have invested time and money in attracting clients will rank within the first few pages of your search results. You’re likely to find some worthwhile firms within this group, as if they’re willing to put the effort into branding themselves and reaching future clients, it shows that they’re serious about their company and willing to put in the work.

Additionally, Google has a feature that shows customer reviews and ratings, allowing you to narrow down your search based on positive reviews and five-star ratings. It’s also worth reading the negative reviews, as you may better understand what to avoid and whether their poor comments are justified.

Get References

This may be an easier process for larger companies, such as law firms and corporations, as they will have connections in their industry. However, getting recommendations and references from people you trust, whether that be family, friends, or colleagues, can be a great way to find a reliable private detective. Naturally, those who care about you wouldn’t suggest someone they had a poor experience with, so adding any recommendations to your shortlist is definitely worth it.

Book A Consultation

The majority of private detective firms offer free consultations. Just like you, they understand that not every firm will fit with each individual client, so taking that initial time to get to know each other and establish whether this could be a positive working relationship is incredibly important. Don’t hesitate to treat this consultation as an interview! While you are trying to convince them that your case is worth taking, you also want to feel confident in your decision. Private detectives can be pricey, so it’s not worth choosing someone you can’t trust. Therefore, come with a list of questions regarding their past experiences and success, what their process and approach to your case may look like, and what the billing process looks like. Reputable private detectives will be open and honest, so you shouldn’t leave the consultation with more questions than answers.