Are you looking for effective ways to improve your email open rates, engagement, and the CTR of the emails you send out? If so, you should consider adding videos to your email marketing efforts. It’s been proven that video helps to improve business indicators, helps increase sales, and boost ROI.

However, if you are searching for a new way to promote your videos, then email is going to be the right fit. With more than four billion users around the world, email is still considered one of the very best performing marketing channels.

If you are ready to learn how to make video email marketing work for you, keep reading.

The Reason Why Video in Email Works

Consider all the different platforms you are using to share your marketing message. Are you communicating with your audience via social media?

Some of these, such as Facebook, have been around for a while. Others are gaining more and more active users over the years.

Email, though, has been around since all the way back in 1971. Since that time, the average office worker began to receive more than 100 emails each day. With so much noise, you need to ensure your audience has more motivation to open your emails and to engage with the content you have created.

This is where video is invaluable.

The Proper Way to Add Video to Your Emails

The best way to email videos is through a thumbnail image. You can do this by taking the time to merge your videos.

Keep in mind though, there are options that are more modern that you can use now, too. Find what works for you.

Increase Open Rates by Embedding Videos in Your Emails

Your open rate is one of the most important email marketing metrics for you to track. If people aren’t opening your emails, they are never going to learn what you have to offer.

This is where video is invaluable. Just by including the term “video” in the email subject line, you can increase your open rates significantly.

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Increase Personalization by Combining Video and Email

Email marketing provides you with an array of opportunities for personalization. You can easily change the person’s name, segment the email by a person’s location, and even the time of the day.

In this manner, video will open up all new doors to personalize your email. You can easily test the way two versions of the same video and how they work for your audience. Or, you can even use the person’s behavior after an email is opened to segment the list.

Video Email Marketing: Increase Your Open Rate with this Tactic

When it comes to increasing the effects of your email marketing, there are more than a few things to consider. One of these is to implement video email marketing.

You can also seek help with this if necessary, as there are professional services that will provide you the tools needed to do this.

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