With the advent of innovative digital marketing strategies, is email marketing still beneficial? You may wonder if the good old newsletters and email campaigns still help reach targets. With 37% of brands still proactively increasing their budgets for their email marketing campaigns, and with the ROI for email marketing at USD$36 for every USD$1 spent—the answer is a solid yes.

Email marketing is still an effective avenue for you to communicate your brand to your audience and generate leads that eventually become paying customers. With the right tools, your email marketing can be a powerful strategy in your digital marketing game.

With about one billion active users on its platform, Gmail, a free-to-use email service, can be leveraged to boost your email marketing. This article will tell you how you can go about it. So, continue reading.

1- Buy Gmail Accounts

One way to use Gmail for marketing is to buy Gmail accounts. If you buy Gmail accounts, you can show that you’re firm in building your social media pages. Moreover, it can be a way to obtain and show proof that your account is doing well and that your content attracts people to become your followers. This is a way to build your brand and widen your online reach.

Here are the other benefits of purchasing Gmail accounts:

  • It can broaden your exposure, and having more followers on your social media pages can demonstrate authority.
  • It can be used to gain a larger audience and have more customers.
  • You can obtain social media exposure as you’re more likely to get linked to many other Gmail accounts.
  • You can obtain support. Many people will accept your business, engage with your status updates, and share your page with a large group of individuals.

There are various social media marketing tools like UseViral that allow you to buy Gmail accounts safely and securely. The only thing that’s needed is to select the best service provider out there by checking out online reviews.

Gmail Accounts For Email Marketing

2- Choose The Best Gmail Marketing tool

Email marketing tools help you leverage your Gmail account for email marketing. Even if you’ll still use Gmail’s interface, having an extension to assist you in your email marketing efforts will surely help. With such tools, you can quickly get more subscribers who’ll check your emails, and you’ll send more special offers automatically. It can also improve your performance in its entirety.

There are different chrome extensions you can use for your Gmail marketing. Some allow you to create and handle custom email signatures and add different types of information, such as social media links, contact details, photos, and many others. You can incorporate almost anything you want to share with your target audience through it. Others enable you to send emails at a specific period while also reminding you of that email. Lastly, some give you a chance to send mass emails while also allowing you to send a more personalized cold outreach campaign.

3- Split Test Your Gmail Marketing

To determine the best Gmail marketing campaign, split testing is the best way to do it. Split testing in email marketing is where you send an email to half of your email list while delivering a similar email with some changes to the other half.

There are things to consider when conducting split testing for your emails. These are:

  • What are the things you focus on in a split test? Is it to increase open rates? Likewise, why are you doing it? Is it to increase engagement or to generate sales?
  • Split-test the emails you often send.
  • Randomly split your list. You can sort out your list alphabetically with any spreadsheet software and later separate them into two groups.
  • Ensure that the results are statistically accurate. You can use an app with a free calculator to compute the number of subscribers interacting with each of the two variants within a split test.

Split tests are great strategies to help you streamline your next email campaign. Take note of the results of each test and apply it to your next.


Email marketing is still a powerful strategy in today’s digital marketing. Maximize your brand’s reach by employing effective email campaigns that can help generate leads. Gmail is a popular free email service that you can use for email marketing. Some ways where you can use it for your email marketing are stated in this article. Read up on these tactics and decide on what’s most applicable to your brand. Overall, Gmail marketing can help communicate your brand and increase the likelihood of having more sales.