How To Make Birthday Invitation Videos?

Birthdays are a special event no matter how old you grow, and they deserve to be celebrated in style. They are not occasions when one normally prints invitations and mail them to their guests. Instead, a plain message or mail is the preferred medium. However, a well-made video will show your guests (or at least make it appear) that you are putting a lot of effort into this party, giving them an additional incentive to attend. With InVideo’s simple invitation maker, you can make beautiful and elegant invitation videos with minimal effort to impress your family and guests.

Why make video invitations?

There are several good reasons to make a video invitation for an upcoming birthday, and we will discuss them briefly in this article. Videos give you the flexibility of creating an intimate, personalized form of media that can be played, replayed, and stored for a lifetime. InVideo’s powerful video maker gives you the tools to make simple but fascinating invitations for all your guests to fawn over. There are many options to explore through this powerful software depending on whose birthday it is, how you plan on sharing the invitation, etc. 

Making Your First Video

Video making can seem like a daunting task given the various tools one can use to enhance their videos, but once you learn how to perform certain basic actions, things will start to appear simpler. With some time and effort, you’ll soon be able to make videos you’ll be proud of, and InVideo’s interface is the perfect place to get started on this adventure. You don’t always have to make complex videos with multi-layered effects to catch eyeballs; sometimes, simplicity speaks the loudest. 

Things To Know While Making a Birthday Invitation Video

Pick Between a Custom Template, Or Go Bold 

On signing into your account, the first choice you will be greed with is between a range of custom templates or building a video from scratch. Templates give you a set design to start and personalize according to your needs, but maybe available in sizes that are not supported on all social media channels. Birthdays are naturally a popular theme, and so there are many options to choose from. But building your video is uniquely satisfying, and the simple interface will guide you along your way. 

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Select the Pictures or Videos You Want to Include In Your Invitation 

You can use all pictures or a string of videos depending on whether you’d like a simple slideshow, or want to include a special message in your invitation. Once you’ve selected your assortment of media, you can import all the items through InVideo and make the desired changes. You can have a series of testimonials from your family regarding the event, or slides with lines of text outlining a dress code, time and venue, and other relevant details, the choice is all yours. 

Make Good Use of Colors and Themes 

Depending on how old the birthday boy or girl is, you can use a wide array of colors to balance your pictures and background themes. Bright colors generally work well for birthdays of children, while darker colors suit more senior generations. Make sure that your theme and pictures do not contrast too starkly, and use the color wheel to match shades if you need help. Colors on the wheel that are situated close to each other generally go well together, while those further apart will contrast against each other. 

Make Use of Enhancers 

Enhancers give you a ton of space to experiment with the various effects available of InVideo’s interface. Through these, you can get layouts for collages, and you can insert social media posts into your video, and add a bunch of stickers or other icons. Again, use the effects keeping the age of the special person in mind. If you’re looking for a simple slideshow to get your point across, collages are great tools to use to keep things short and sweet. You can also utilize the wide range of text boxes that InVideo offers on its platform. Applications such as DeepBrain provide the opportunity to utilize AI Text-to-Video technology, enabling the automatic transformation of your text into engaging video content..


Tunes, though often hanging in the background, often keep the viewer’s attention engaged and make sure that they make it through the video. Melodic or catchy tunes are best with invitation videos, and if you can sync the mood of your pictures and videos with that of your music, it will make your video appear that much better. InVideo also has its vast collection of songs for every mood. You can incorporate these into your slideshows as well, in case you do not have a particular song from your collection in mind. 

Relevant Details

This is perhaps the most common mistake that people make when producing video invitations. Leaving out relevant details such as time and venue, dress code, whether you will be accepting gifts or not, and an address can make your video seem incomplete. Many of your guests are primarily looking for these details when watching your video, and not finding them at the end can make the exercise seem meaningless to them. This might also lead to many last-minute calls and hasty arrangements, so make sure you create this part of your video first and place it at the end. 


Video Making is often portrayed as an intimidating and impenetrable exercise, but InVideo’s truly simple video maker will help even the most inexperienced create dazzling videos. These slideshows can easily be shared across social media platforms, and in the modern age, they are the trendiest way to invite your guests to a special event. Birthdays are one such occasion where inviting guests can be made much simpler. Simply hop on to InVideo, create an account or log in with Google, and get started! Follow the steps in this article, and you shall soon be able to create beautiful videos that will impress all your friends, and make an impression that will last for a long time. 


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