Social media has become one of the great necessity in today’s world. Not for the purpose of entertainment, making friends and sharing pictures or events, it acts as a crucial platform for promoting business, artist and bands as well. It is an important medium, which connects you with the audiences from across the world that serves the most fruitful gain for your business or any other projects.

When it comes to stream business through social media, your internet presence matters the most. It pays the way of how you connect with the target audience or the viewers. For instance, Twitter is one such platform that makes a possible way for an artist to connect with his fans effortlessly. Be it their post or a picture, the huge response in return helps to measure the success of a celebrity. But sometimes or most of the time, it becomes difficult to manage a social media account simply because of the lack of a right tool. And this is when Metricool comes into the picture.

Metricool is a social media managing platform that helps to analyse, measure and manage the success of digital contents. Apart from managing the accounts, it also helps to follow the evolution of the account and makes it easy to schedule post and visually plan all the social media posts.

If you still have no idea on how Metricool can help you to completely manage your account, continue with Saasworthy to get into details.

Planning Content: One of the most important yet monotonous activity is to write content for any post. With Metricool, it is now easy to write a post and schedule them. If you are not able to plan out your content each for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others, Metricool has made it convenient to write a post individually or you can also opt to share the same on every platform. With a click on a few buttons, it is easy to have an idea where your post is heading to. Moreover, it organises the posts and schedules them according to so that a viewer gets to check out posts in order. This is done by the visual content planner.


Measure Analytics: If you keep posting one after another tweet or updates, you are likely to lose track of what you actually gain from these posts. Metricool, with the help of its measurement analytics, allows you to get the result of your posts. It makes it easy for you to know how much is your growth each day by tracking followers, a number of interactions such as comments or like in a post and sharing of the same. Additionally, it also compares your gain with the contenders. For each user, Metricool offers a number of plans, which depends on the requirement of a user. Plus a free forever plan is also available that you can try but remember, a paid version is what gets you best of experience with your business or band growth.

Generating Reports: It can be either a team or a client you are working for, you can always create or download reports of your work in PDF/PPT formats. In the section Generate Report, modifications of details can be made, which will help you to highlight the gist of that report. It also allows you to to select a time period, say a specific month or a year, for which a particular section (Twitter/Facebook) will cover the metrics you want in a report. Additionally, it also allows adding a custom logo to provide a more personalised report.

Using Metricool

Using Metricool

Once Metricool gets connected with the social media account such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram, it will automatically collect all the metrics that are required by a business. It includes basic features such as page likes, likes per day in a post, likes per post, interactions in a post and mentions of the same by other users. Additionally, it also allows you to check out comments, re-share of the posts, tags, etc. Another advantage of considering Metricool as your data collector lies on the fact that it can easily track a certain period of time. This feature includes quick buttons that will directly lead you to track yesterday, last week and last month data.

Finally, this is how Metricool provides your business with all the necessary data to measure, analyse and manage it. With the data generated by this social media manager, you can simply get an idea of the existing condition of your business and the estimation of growth in the near future. Having details of the growth of your business also makes it easy for you to decide the next step. The various features of Metricool also help in the advancement of the business. Overall, it is one step towards success, which makes sure your target audience are always active

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