Work-related injuries are so common through a whole scope of careers, ranging from the jobs where you are sitting all day long to the ones that require heavy physical labor. Every year about 3.5 million people experience a work-related injury. Over 59,000 people will die every year from an occupational injury, which is a big strain on employers and employees and a big drain on the economy. Professionals at Samwell Institute for Pain Management offer medical services for any work-related injury in Colonia, speeding a patient’s recovery and ensuring they return to work, thus improving employee productivity.

Tips to help reduce work-related injuries

Do not think that you are immune from work-related injuries because you are not doing heavy physical labor and are just sitting down. The different ways of ensuring safety in the workplace are all common sense.

Modify your work to reduce the amount of reaching and bending you perform daily, especially if you are reaching and bending in a certain way. Certain movements can put a lot of strain on the lower back, the neck, and joints, so minimize the amount that you are reaching and bending daily.

Avoid bending and slouching in awkward positions, and that includes being on a computer all day. You want to sit upright so that your buttocks are at the front of your chair; your knees are at 90 degrees, you keep the mouse close in, shoulders poked back so that you are not slouching on the chair. When you roll your shoulders forwards, you put a lot of stress on the neck and the upper back. Employers should ensure that their employees have proper chairs to sit at that will reduce back pain.

Always stretch and move to strengthen your posture while working. Reduce repetitive or prolonged activities when possible. Walking is an excellent way to take a break from sitting because it enhances blood circulation. This tip is great for those occupations that require lifting. Ensure that you are loose,  warmed-up, and that your muscles are not tight.  Especially when you get older, it takes longer to loosen up, so you might want to stretch and do warm-up exercises before you go to work.

Take frequent breaks during your shift and remember to use proper mechanics when lifting, which means holding the item close to your chest, bending with your knees, lifting with your legs, keeping your core tight and your pelvis locked in the proper position so that when you bend down you put less stress on your lower back. By keeping whatever you are holding close to you, you are putting less stress on your shoulders, neck, and core muscles as well. Holding the object tight makes it a lot easier to lift.

Do not try to be a hero by standing up on a chair when trying to reach for something. Chairs were not made for standing. Instead, play it smart and use a ladder when trying to reach for objects. If you have injured yourself at work, schedule an appointment at Samwell Institute for Pain Management to learn about your treatment options.

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