“I am on my way to happy days.” Judge Frank Caprio finishes radiation treatment

After being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in December 2023, the well-known “The Nicest Judge in the World” Frank Caprio shared good news yesterday, Friday.

In a video posted on his official Instagram page, he announced the conclusion of his treatment journey, stating: “On my last day of radiation therapy, I am on my way to happy days.”

The judge appeared with members of his family and friends, as well as medical staff at the Miami Cancer Institute, who informed him of the end of his treatment.

While the video documented the judge’s touching moments, as he sang: “Happy days are here again.”

He also thanked the medical staff who accompanied him throughout his treatment.

About him

Frank Caprio, also known as Francisco Caprio, is an American judge and lawyer born in 1936. He served as Chief Judge of the Municipal Court of Providence, in the state of Rhode Island, USA, since 1985. He also served as Chairman of the Rhode Island Board of Governors of Higher Education for 10 years.

In recent years, he gained international fame after appearing on the television show Caught in Providence, produced by his brother Joe Caprio, for which he was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award in 2021.

His fame grew as video clips of him circulated on social media, capturing moments of him in court characterized by compassion, mercy, and understanding for the accused. His sessions often featured a touch of humor, earning him the nickname “The Nicest Judge in the World” for his humanitarian stances and advocacy for the weak and oppressed.

The judge, the father of five children, including seven grandchildren, announced last January his retirement from the bench after 40 years of service in which he served as Chief Judge of the Municipal Court in Rhode Island and also Chairman of the Board of Governors and Education there.


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