Dutch authorities release singer Nicki Minaj and fine her

The Dutch authorities fined American rapper Nicki Minaj, after she was arrested at Amsterdam airport in possession of weed, according to local media reports.

The singer, set to perform in the United Kingdom on Saturday evening, shared pictures of her interrogation on social media.

The police confirmed that they had arrested a 41-year-old American citizen, but refused to confirm that she was Nicki Minaj. Police spokesman Robert Capel added, “We never confirm the identity of a detained person, but I can confirm that we have arrested a 41-year-old woman suspected of trying to… Exporting soft drugs to another country.

The singer wrote on the X platform that the Dutch authorities told her that she had found cannabis in bags that, according to her, belonged to a security officer working for her.

He added that the singer was released after paying a “reasonable” fine, noting that “the case is closed.”

She added, “They took my bags without my consent,” confirming that the security officer informed them that the hashish packages belonged to him.

Contrary to popular belief outside the Netherlands, the sale and consumption of hashish, hemp, and their derivatives are not legal in the country. Despite its reputation for cafés and shops selling these substances, transporting them to another country is illegal.


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