It’s safe to say that the coronavirus pandemic has taken over the world. No matter where you turn there are some kind of restrictions in place. Whether it’s not seeing your loved ones, having to work from home or no international travel, everyone knows that life has changed.

But, despite all the restrictions, some of us still need to travel. This could be by car, train or even via the air. If you need to venture away for work purposes, it’s important to know how to stay as safe as possible when you do so.

Plan your journey beforehand

Gone are the times of simply hopping on the next train to get to your destination. By planning in advance, you can potentially save yourself the trouble of jumping on a crowded service. If you’re travelling to the capital for an important business meeting that you can’t do virtually, checking the train times to London before you depart, can help you to avoid busier periods and have a less stressful journey.

Wear a mask and take hand sanitizer

It goes without saying that you should wear a mask. Not only is it a legal requirement in some areas and establishments, but it will also help to prevent the spread of the virus. Often travellers can be fined if they are caught ignoring the rule. It’s also recommended that you use hand sanitizer and have a bottle with you at all times. If you’re coming into multiple touch points as you head to your final destination, keeping your hands clean can help.

Keep your distance where possible

Social distancing is a term that has become part of our everyday lives. Despite travel providers doing everything they can to reduce the number of people on transport and implement social distancing measures, sometimes it’s impossible. As a passenger, you need to take responsibility for social distancing too. This could mean having to catch the next service, so planning in advance or having an alternative route can help.

Use contactless technology

As part of avoiding as many touch points as possible, you should try and use contactless technology at every opportunity. This means avoiding exchanging cash when buying tickets, and using your debit or credit card or online booking system instead.

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Make your business travelling less stressful

Travelling for business during the pandemic doesn’t have to give you a headache. As long as you’re prepared and are taking the necessary steps to keep yourself safe, travelling can be enjoyable.