What does IASME stand for?

IASME is the abbreviation for “Information Assurance for Small and Medium Enterprises.”

What does IASME mean?

IASME is the cybersecurity standard for small enterprises. Naturally, it is the security standard for those who are running a small business. As small business can’t afford the foreign security standard ISO27001, so relatively achievable cost IASME was made. The security issue for small businesses was solved. IASME works as a perfect alternative for the global security standard ISO27001. People of small business can take advantage of the IASME rather than to make ISO 27001.

Work of IASME

IASME works according to the universal standard ISO 27001. If someone is working as a supplier in the government chain in the UK, then he can find out that the IASME also includes the CE. So, the brilliant chance to remain in touch with the government supply chain is to take IASME as this also consists of the CE.

The reason for the development of IASME

As the people who run the large business can solve the problem of security by taking the cosmopolitan standard security ISO 27001 but for the small business, it is not possible to choose the global standard ISO 27001. People for small business companies were thinking about this. At that time the problem became solved as IASME was developed just according to the needs of the people. People of the small business had a fantastic alternative against the international standard security ISO 27001. 

IASME fulfils all the needs of security of the small business. As mini business also works as the link for the broader company, so the security of the small business was more important because the safety of the large corporation is linked with it. Thus, the IASME provides all the social and network security and keep all the data of the company secured and safe from the external environment. After getting IASME, people will not have to take any worries about the security of their small business. Preferably, people are very relaxed as IASME also serves as the CE.

How can a person get IASME?

IASME is the standard security for the small business. So, the first thing is that it works for small enterprises only. If the person wants to secure a large business, then just a helpful thing for the security of the large firm is the foreign standard ISO 27001.

IASME certification is achieved through a process. The process of gaining IASME is described below:

  • The person has to answer some questions for the IASME certification.
  • These answers are adequately tested, and the assessment of the test is done by “IASME accredited Certification Body.” CB abbreviates it.
  • Companies and business also assess whether the IASME is useful for them or not. They check the security limit of the IASME. If the security standard id up to their mark, then they get it. This process is called IASME audit. This particular audit is done under the CB.
  • Now, it is the turn of the meeting of the Ascentor. The conference is a crucial step as all the essential work is done in this. Ascentor shows all the risks that would come while achieving the IASME. Also, the discussion about the capability gap is usually significant, so the owner of the business and the Ascentor also discuss this briefly. At last, when all remain good, both parties talk about the implementation of the IASME.
  • Some formal questioning is done. The purpose of this questioning is to make sure that the party is willing to take and fulfils all the requirements.
  • Now, the IASME certification is granted. It is a great success as the small business will run smoothly now. There will be no security issues as IASME provides excellent security and it is entirely according to the global standard ISO 27001.

So, IASME is the security standard that works for the small and mini business and provides a similar facility of security like the international standard ISO 27001. So, IASME is an alternative to the global security ISO 27001.