AntiVirus and Security

Improve your PC performance and protect your data with Antivirus software in the section of our website you will find information about latest antivirus software and list of best Antivirus software in the market


How Do I Turn Off Parental Controls on Kaspersky?

What do you think your child is viewing or listening to on their smartphone or computer? Are you sure the sites they are visiting are trustworthy at all times? What of the people they interact...
Antivirus should be installed

Top 7 Reasons an Antivirus should be installed on your Home PC

Businesses are grappling with cyber-attacks – they have become significant threats in this day and age. Small and medium scale enterprises are finding it difficult to keep up, suffering losses...
Managing Cyber Threats

5 Top Tips for Managing Cyber Threats

The phrase ‘cybersecurity’ often looms large over companies, particularly those who withhold a large quantity of sensitive data. Every industry from social media platforms to airlines have been caught up in data...
Cybersecurity And Threats

Why It’s Time To Address Cybersecurity And Threats

Over the years as technology has improved, many businesses have fallen victim to cyber threats. Hackers are becoming more and more advanced and can get into almost any system if the right measures haven’t been...
Network Security

Essential Network Security for Small Businesses

Don’t ever think that just because you have a small business that your network isn’t at risk. Today more than ever small businesses are falling victim to cybercrimes. One of the reasons for this...
IASME Standards in Cybersecurity

IASME Standards in Cybersecurity

What does IASME stand for? IASME is the abbreviation for “Information Assurance for Small and Medium Enterprises." What does IASME mean? IASME is the...

AdLock Review

  AdLock is an ad blocker for Android and Windows PC with outstanding safe browsing mode and tracking protection. This little app will shield your data from phishing and malicious websites, all kinds of spyware...
Cisco CCNA Security Certification

Tips & Tricks to Pass PrepAway Cisco CCNA Security Certification Exam

Cisco CCNA Security certification will stay active for a period of 3 years. Beyond this limit, the certification retires or expires. So, during the eligibility period of this certification, it is the duty of...
tips to protect your identity on the internet

5 tips to protect your identity on the internet

Internet privacy provider Anonymizer wants everyone to know that we are not as safe as we think we are when we are online. The company's research found that most of us believe using server security software...
Top Security Software for Your PC

Top 5 Security Software for Your PC

With technological advancements, the rate of cyber crime also has increased considerably. Be it personal or organizational the systems have become prone to malicious attacks from hackers and other third-party entities. Various types of...

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