Hey, music man. I know you. I think I’ve heard your track on Spotify, or SoundCloud. It was fantastic, you’ve created something truly unique. However, I was very sad to find out that you are not popular enough. So, to change this, I’ve written this article, where I conducted a research and ready to give you some third-party advices for popularizing your music. Now, answer this: Are you using all the opportunities to enlarge your audience? With all that releases and music creation, are you thinking about music promotion? Even if you do, aren’t you forgetting something? Are you using all channels? Okay, enough with the questions. I can assume, that you already promote your music on various streaming services, and it maybe even pays off. However, you probably forget about Instagram. Yes, Instagram music promotion is also a thing.

But how can a social network full of cats and coffee promote your music? If you haven’t noticed, Instagram is a very popular app with more than a billion active users. It is much more than Spotify (120 million), SoundCloud (65 million), and other music services. And if you look at the statistics, people spend more time browsing the Instagram than listening to the music. Every story, every video, and every post can have a song in them, and it will be better if it will be your song. All those people who will hear it, they will Shazam it and add to their library. And next time when they’ll listen to the music they will listen to your songs. The power of Instagram in infinite, especially for every creator. Bringing brilliant creators from darkness to the light is what Instagram does best. 

Now, how is Instagram music promotion is different from other promotions? On music streaming services the promotion is basically the increasing the numbers, with no other actions. Instagram promotion, on the other hand is far more difficult, because it requires not only a catchy song, but also a huge work of specialists. You can’t just post a music video and add likes to it. No. You need to create posts, find place for the music in other users posts and stories, present the song carefully and with a thorough research of the market. That’s why many musicians ignore this opportunity – it’s just too hard to pull off. But, if you don’t ignore it and spend some time and money on it – it can give you much better results than any other promotion. Why? Try to remember how Instagram works. People watch content, repost it, like it, save it. If one creator hears a cool song and sees the idea for the new content, he uses it. and by initializing the promotion the number of people who will see it can vary dramatically, and after ordering a thousand followers you can get two thousands. Easy. But never less than it was promised.