Titanic director James Cameron: The explosion of the submarine Titan was not a surprise

James Cameron

American James Cameron, director of the movie “Titanic”, revealed that he had dived 33 times to see the wreck of the famous ship, commenting on the loss of the submarine ” Titan” , which the US Coast Guard announced had crashed and killed 5 people on board on a voyage. To see the shipwreck in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean.

Cameron, 68, told ABC News that what happened to the submarine “Titan” is similar to what happened to the ship “Titanic” in 1912, and added, “I was struck by the similarity with the Titanic disaster itself, as the captain was warned repeatedly.” And again and again from the ice in front of his ship, and yet he sailed at full speed in an ice field on a moonless night, and many died as a result.

He continued, “As for the current tragedy, it is very similar, and the accident was not a surprise, as warnings were sent to the submarine,” referring to the dangers that surrounded the trips of the “Titan” submarine, which transported those interested to the far depths of the ocean.

Cameron revealed his previous experiences, and said that he dived 33 times towards the site of the “Titanic” wreck, and also descended to deeper locations in the ocean, and indicated that he dived in March 2012 to the Mariana Trench in a 24-foot submarine called the “Deep Sea Challenger” ( Deepsea Challenger), in an adventure that worried many so that some of them wrote letters to the responsible company and said that what you are doing is experimental and the submarine is not qualified to carry passengers.

The movie Titanic, directed by James Cameron, was shown for the first time in 1997, dealing with the sinking of the ship “Titanic” on its first voyage across the Atlantic Ocean in 1912, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, and the film was re-screened last February with technology Three-dimensional (3D).

Cameron also released a documentary about “Titanic” produced by “National Geographic” entitled (Titanic: 25 Years Later).
catastrophic end And Admiral John Mugher, Commander of the US Coast Guard, announced that the five people who were on board the “Titan” submarine had died in a “catastrophic” explosion in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean.

The wreckage found Thursday indicated “a catastrophic implosion of the submarine,” Mauger told a news conference.

For its part, OceanGate Expeditions, the operator of the submarine, mourned the five men on board, describing them as “true explorers,” and said, “Our hearts go out to these five souls and each of their families at this difficult time.”

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