We love our pets for a variety of reasons and in most cases goes the extra mile to treat them well. We want them to feel loved and appreciated, just like our fellow human friends. Pet lovers understand the sweet feeling that comes with your pet showing appreciation for a good treat.

Just as it is in with our human relations we take time to ponder the most suitable gifts for our pets. We get the feeling that things would be easier if the lovely pet could talk and just say what makes him/her happy. But this will not happen, and so you are left to figure out befitting jewelry. If you get creative and shop around, you will have lots of options in hand, here are a few ideas to make bring your ideas to life.


Earrings for your dog or cat pet would be such an outstanding pick. The good thing is that it hangs high enough for your pet to proudly display at will. Again, they come in all shapes, sizes, colors and of course material.

If you pick an earring for your dog or any other pet put a number of things into consideration:

  • Ensure you can safely pierce the ear or hang it safely.
  • As a health measure, ensure the earring doesn’t’ pose any danger to the pet, particularly if it will play around with it. 
  • Make sure he/she is extremely comfortable with your choice of earrings.


Keychains also make extraordinary jewel pieces for pets. If you pick the right one, you are guaranteed of satisfaction and appreciations form your little friend. Like most jewelry choices for pets, keychains can be customized in several ways. From material to size or even an engraved message, your pet can have some fun with a nice keychain around him/her.

You can choose either a printed or engraved keychain. Get help from a pet jewelry store – Get me Gem and see what you can get your hands on. The key point should be paying attention to detail. If you choose to have it printed or engraved, work closely with your vendor to have your ideas incorporated seamlessly.


Perhaps this is the most natural and first choice for many pets loves. It will probably be the first idea to pick on if you did a random survey. Luckily, there are plenty of necklaces jewelry for pets that can add a little glamour and shine to the neck. Necklaces are applicable to a wide range of pets including dogs, cats, and even birds.

Jewelry is meant to be seen and possibly brag about. She will no doubt feel good raising his head in public for all the people to see what they’ve got around the neck.

Again, a critical aspect of a good pet necklace is ensuring safety for the dog. Make sure it’s not too tight and that it doesn’t hang too loose. Precisely, the pet should be able to go about its daily routine unhindered by the necklace.

Personalized Collar Leash

If your pet can wear a collar leash, then you have yet another good choice for jewelry. Personalized collar leashes are meant to retain your, control, and attachments with the pet as you take a walk around the neighborhood. With a personalized collar leash, the love, bond, and affection for your pet are emboldened. 

In a way, a personalized collar leash sends a message of a close bond and also a well-maintained pet. Among pet lovers, there are several ways to tell the world that your pet lives a good life, and a personalized collar leash makes one of those great choices.

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One great thing about pet tags is that you take control of the message on it. For instance, you can have your cat pet carry a photo of you with him/her. If she acknowledges the honor, you will be proud of her.


There are unlimited ways to show affection for your pet. Embolden the bond and let your pet carry the message loudly with a nice jewelry gift. It must also be emphasized that the safety and health of your pet should be prioritized. Just like human beings some jewelry may cause allergies, lashes, or injure the skin. This notwithstanding, you can try our variety of ideas to keep your pet happy.