Kim Kardashian buys a necklace worn by Princess Diana

Kim Kardashian buys a necklace worn by Princess Diana

Kim Kardashian has bought an iconic memorabilia, a crucifix necklace that Princess Diana wore only once, for $197,456. The UK-based company confirmed the sale to

The rare diamond and amethyst necklace, with a total weight of approximately 5.25 carats, which was put up for auction on Wednesday at Sotheby’s, is known as the Attalah Cross. Famously , Princess Diana wore it in a 1987 charity gala in London wearing a purple dress.

A source close to Kim Kardashian revealed that she is honored to own a wonderful piece of jewelry that the late princess once wore, and to add it to her growing collection of historical mementos worn by strong and creative women who inspired her.

Princess Diana borrowed the necklace from the manufacturer

The late Princess of Wales, who often made headlines for her dazzling fashion choices, famously donned the sparkling piece of jewelry during a charity gala in London in October 1987. She paired the opulent necklace with a long-sleeved black and purple velvet dress, which came with a ruffled neckline. And between the sparkling necklace and the elegant dress, the princess dazzled everyone at this event.

The massive necklace was made in the 1920s by the Garrard jewelry company, as Diana was friends with the man who owned it, British businessman Naim Atallah, who lent it to Princess Diana for the event.

“Few people can carry this piece but Diana really could,” Ramzi Atallah, Naim’s son, told the outlet in December. She has been seen in public since her death.”

Princess Diana’s jewelry is rarely offered for sale

Christian Spofforth, Sotheby’s head of jewelry, said in a previous statement: “Jewelry owned or worn by the late Princess Diana is rarely brought to the market, especially a piece like the Attallah Cross necklace, which is colorful, bold and distinctive. To some extent, this necklace The unusualness is emblematic of the princess’ increasing self-assertion in her choices of clothing and jewellery, at that particular moment in her life.”

He was adamant in his statement: “We are certain that this exquisite Garrard jewelry from the 1920s, whose only prior owner is Princess herself, will draw significant attention from a variety of people; whether it be collectors or fans of royal and noble jewels. The princess looks forward to bestowing her part of history upon someone.”

Kim Kardashian is a talented collector of celebrity memorabilia

It seems that Kim Kardashian has a knack for buying clothes and jewelry that were previously owned by famous people. In 2011, Kim acquired a set of Elizabeth Taylor bracelets for $65,000, and in 2017, she paid $379,500 for a Jackie O.

And although she wasn’t able to officially add it to her collection because it belongs in a museum, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star also wore Marilyn Monroe’s famous Happy Birthday Mr. President at the Met Gala last year.