Have you ever bothered to change the luggage because you feel really uncomfortable to pull it?

Have you once felt tired and awkward when having to pull the audio equipment outsides?

Or do you have a time when you find it really exhausting to pull a pet trolley?

What on earth is the reason? In most circumstances, the problem may be that there is something wrong about the handle, and just replace a handle would probably solve it. Actually, the right handle has a lot of magic.

Although it may be ignored sometimes, It’s one of the important components of the luggage.

What’s the importance of a handle?

Without a suitable handle, it would be so hard to move an object from one place to another. And carrying your luggage would be a tiresome job. If your handle is of inferior quality, the luggage will tear when it’s used for the first time. Thus, the handle is a vital part of your luggage, suitcase or trolley.

Here is the common sense of the telescopic suitcase handle.

Over these years, the telescopic suitcase handle has been getting more and more popular. Besides the luggage, the items like the sound equipment or the pet bag are more likely to be equipped with a telescopic handle, which provides great convenience for users. For one thing, the telescopic suitcase handle does not take up much space. Also, it’s extendable, which means it can be pulled up when you start to move the luggage and can be pushed back whenever it’s needed. Throughout this process, the handle would be locked at a specific position so the height of the handle can be maintained.

If you are determined to get a new telescopic suitcase handle, what kind of factors should you take into account?


If you’re pondering over which type of handle is worth buying, you are expected to see if it’s easy to fit in items like the luggage, tooling box, trolley, pet bag, etc. Sunsen ‘s telescopic suitcase handle 9U07DD-D3 can match many kinds of items. More importantly, it is able to be customized.

Suitcase Handle


You have probably heard the term “ergonomic”. And it has become more and more common. Because it basically means that the product is designed to provide maximum comfort for the user while minimizing physical requirements. Similarly, It’s essential to choose an ergonomic luggage handle, which means selecting the one whose length fits your height or the texture of it is comfortable to grasp. In this way, even if the suitcase is heavy, you can easily move the suitcase.

In the market, many suitcases are equipped with the handles which are “friendly to users”. For instance, 9U07DD-D3, the telescopic suitcase handle of Sunsen, could speak for that. Its length can be flexibly adjusted based on your height. And the property of less weight can reduce users’ fatigue.

Telescopic Suitcase


There is no doubt that quality is always the most crucial factor of a product. The telescopic suitcase handle is no exception. So how is a high-quality telescopic suitcase handle like?

Firstly, it should be firm. Only when the handle is firm enough can the user take control over the suitcase with ease. For example, when the user has to lift up, load or upload the heavy item, a firm handle could help a lot, keeping your item intact.

Secondly, it should be able to withstand the total weight of the fully packaged suitcase; therefore, it can reduce the risks of tearing.

Last but not least, it’s advised to choose the one that is not easy to rust or deteriorate. Sunsen’s 9U07DD-D3 has the anodized surface, which changes the condition and property of the surface so it can be strongly against corrosion and wear.

Why not combine a telescopic suitcase handle with your item? Click http://en.sun-sen.com/ to find out more.

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