More than a billion dollars… Lucky won the lottery and hasn’t appeared yet

Lucky won the lottery and hasn appeared yet

Imagine what you could achieve with more than a billion dollars suddenly landing on you?! This is what happened with an American citizen from Florida, who won the lottery jackpot of $ 1.58 billion on Tuesday night, ending a period of not winning any lottery tickets that extended for nearly 4 months.

31 consecutive draws

In detail, a grocery store on Neptune Beach sold the winning ticket, according to lottery organizers.

Before last night’s big win, 31 consecutive draws took place since the last time someone won the lottery on April 18, with the prize money growing steadily to become the third largest ever in US history, according to the Associated Press.

One in 303 million

It is noteworthy that the winner, whose identity has not yet been determined, can choose to receive about $ 783 million in cash at once or receive the full amount divided into annual payments over 30 years, the value of which increases by 5% annually.

While most of the winners choose to receive the award in one go. All gains are subject to income taxes.

According to US government data, the chances of winning the Mega Millions jackpot are incredibly slim at one in 303 million, significantly lower compared to the one in a million odds of being struck by lightning.

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