Musk: If Trump is arrested, he will win the presidency by a landslide

On Saturday, billionaire Elon Musk speculated that if former US President Donald Trump were to be indicted, he would have an “overwhelming victory” in the upcoming presidential elections.

Musk exclaimed, in response to a tweet inquiring if it was possible to see the former president handcuffed soon: “If this were to occur, Trump will unquestionably be reelected with an astonishing majority.”


  • On Saturday morning, Trump issued a call to action on his Truth Social platform: “On Tuesday, the former President of United States will be arrested for alleged leaks from the Manhattan Attorney General’s office. Let us come together and show our support in taking back our country!”
  • In bold-lettering, the former president adamantly declared in his post that these “illegal leaks” were coming from an extremely unethical and partisan prosecutors office located in Manhattan.

What are the expected charges?

  • The inquiry centers around the $130,000 payout made weeks ahead of the 2016 election to keep Stormy Daniels (real name Stephanie Clifford) from uncovering her rendezvous with Trump which allegedly occurred years prior.
  • Prosecutors are deliberating whether or not to pursue charges against Trump for this incident.
  • Donald Trump, at 76 years old, could become history’s first president to ever be indicted if the Manhattan Attorney General follows through with criminal charges.
  • On Friday evening, Trump’s attorney informed CNBC that in the event of an indictment by a grand jury in Manhattan, his client would be willing to face criminal charges.
  • Trump flatly denied any form of relationship with Daniels.

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