Paris Hilton reveals: This is how she deceived Donald Trump!

When I was asked, in a surprise interview, who I voted for in the election, I pretended I voted for Donald Trump because he was an old friend of the family.

In a stunning disclosure, renowned reality TV star Paris Hilton admitted to “The Hill” newspaper that she had pretended to vote for former President Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election; however, she did not cast her ballot for him.

Hilton recounted that during a surprise interview when asked who she voted for in the election, out of fear and loyalty to an old family friend – Donald Trump – owner of his original modeling agency, he responded that had indeed cast his ballot for him. However, after switching to another modelling company, Trump became tumultuous and started shouting at him in such a manner to frighten him greatly.

In her book, Hilton recounts an interview with an Australian television station days after the 2016 Presidential Election. When asked if she had voted for Trump in the election, Hilton fondly responded: “I’ve known him since I was a little girl…so yes.”

In her newly-released book, “Paris: The Memoir”, 42-year-old entrepreneur Paris Hilton candidly speaks of the mistakes she made during her formative years which had proven to be invaluable learning experiences for her. She discusses a variety of topics that are not always easy to confront but necessary in order to grow and become better.

In her memoirs, she lamented not voting in the 2016 election instead of casting a ballot for Trump. “The truth is worse,” she wrote, “I didn’t vote at all.” She went on to say that if given the chance over again, those choices would be different: “Would I make the same choices again? Of course not.”

She continued, “Do your best to make it right. Offer a sincere apology in private if necessary and publicly when needed.”

The American star revealed surprising and horrific details about her teenage rape , when she was 15 years old, noting that she had been “drugged before being raped.”

Last month, People magazine reported that Hilton and her friends encountered a group of men at their favorite shopping mall in Los Angeles one weekend. The men were roaming around the mall when she and her companions engaged them in conversation and gave out their “pager” numbers.

The young billionaire then detailed how the men had beckoned her and a friend to their abode, offering them a raspberry-flavored beverage. Upon consuming it, she felt dizzy – uncertain as to what precisely was in the drink other than surmising that it could have been drugged with Roofie, which criminals use for sexual assault purposes.

Hilton recollected that when she awoke hours later, it was as if she’d experienced a nightmare. Without any doubt, she recognized the devastating reality of what happened to her; her attacker had clamped his hand over her lips to muffle any potential cries for help.


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