Netflix announces the release date of the “Harry and Megan” series “The royal family is anxiously awaiting it.”

Netflix announces the release date of the Harry and Megan
Harry and Megan

The global “Netflix” platform finally revealed the date of the documentary series about the life of Prince Harry and his wife, Megan. on December 8, The couple is excitedly awaiting the release of this promotional clip that gives insight into their work with the British royal family.

The promotional clip, “Harry and Meghan”, contains black and white photos of the couple with heart-wrenching music in the background. Furthermore, Harry speaks in one of the clips: “No one sees what happens behind closed doors.” He then continuation by saying:  “I had to do my best to protect my family.”

Megan argues that when the difficulties are so immense, shouldn’t we at least listen to our side of the tale? The preview clip suggests that because of the information and truths it holds, the presentation of the documentary series is seen as a “global event.”

In an interview, Harry and Megan biographer Omid Scobie revealed that the highly-anticipated series will be divided into six episodes. The series will give viewers a look at the other side of their love story -the difficulties they faced in their relationship.

The news of the series surfaced as Prince William and his partner travel to the United States. The relationship between Prince William and his brother Harry has been rough recently, especially with Megan living in California.

In early January, Prince Harry is due to publish his memoirs. These are expected to shed light on other embarrassing secrets about the royal family.