Nitro PDF Pro Review

Best PDF editor alternative to Adobe Acrobat, with powerful features at affordable price

Nitro PDF Pro Review
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Nitro PDF Pro is an advanced and feature-packed PDF editing solution that has been created to help you improve the way you handle digital documents. It allows professional users, small businesses, and individuals alike to securely create, edit, review and share electronic documents with ease. From editing text to formatting images and signing contracts electronically, Nitro PDF Pro 14 allows its users to do it all with maximum efficiency while also maintaining the highest level of security. Whether you’re dealing with daily document management tasks or taking part in extensive collaboration projects between multiple parties – this best PDF editor will be of great assistance.


  • Easy, accurate PDF creation and conversion
  • Edit text, images, pages within any PDF
  • Integration with unlimited eSigning tools
  • Intuitive Microsoft Office–style interface
  • Supports all significant file formats


  • The cost may exceed the requirements of casual users.

Try for Free: 14 days

Operating System: macOS, Windows

Best Price: 179.99 (One Time Licenses)

Bottom Line

Nitro PDF Pro and the new All-in-one subscription Nitro Pro Cost $14.99/ Month is an impressive PDF editor that offers all key PDF features and functionality, in addition to unlimited eSigning. This makes it one of our best PDF software programs this year.

With Nitro PDF Pro 14 is the newest version of the popular PDF editor and it’s better than ever. With a fresh new look and feel, Nitro has made it even easier to use and more accessible to everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first-time user, you’ll be able to navigate through your documents with even more ease thanks to the intuitive interface. But that’s not all. Nitro also takes security seriously, ensuring that your PDF workload is done in a secure and efficient way.

If your office frequently uses PDFs and eSigning, Nitro Productivity Platform — comprised of Nitro PDF Pro and Nitro Sign — is an affordable way to make these tools available to everyone in your organization.

Nitro PDF Pro Review 

Nitro PDF Pro and (Nitro Pro All-in-one subscription) is a preferred tool for creating and modifying PDF documents. Its enhanced editing features, complete with advanced text, image, and page editing tools, enable you to work with greater precision. Nitro allows you to add interactive elements like hyperlinks, images, or document files with ease. Adding, removing, and editing Bates numbering to legal documents is also a breeze.

The Nitro PDF Pro now also preserves any non-English spell check language selected upon deployment, ensuring that multi-lingual users have a seamless experience. Improvements have also been made to redaction area accuracy and support for checkmark rendering created with non-standard fonts in PDF. Furthermore, Nitro now provides improved support for hyperlinks within a PDF, even if they are malformed. With Nitro PDF, you can achieve professional-grade PDFs using a comprehensive set of tools and features that guarantee complete control over your documents.


Language barriers in the workplace can be a real hindrance. That’s why Nitro PDF Pro offers expanded multi-language installers, giving you more options and flexibility to use the program in your preferred language. With product installers available in multiple languages and the ability to select your preferred language when using a screen reader, Nitro makes it easy to work with a global team or use the program in your native language. But Nitro isn’t just convenient – it’s also a powerful PDF editor. Its Microsoft Office-style ribbon interface and clear task-based tabs make document workflows feel seamless and intuitive. Plus, Nitro offers accessibility compliance tools and remediation tools, so you can create fully accessible documents that meet WCAG 2.1 and PDF/AU compliance standards. Whether you’re creating PDFs or converting them to other file formats, Nitro PDF Pro is a top choice for anyone who needs a reliable and user-friendly PDF editor.

Auto tagging
Auto tagging (Image credit: Nitro)

Auto tagging has revolutionized the way we create and organize documents, making it easier and more effortless than ever before. With just one click, the brand new feature automatically generates a document’s structure, saving you precious time and allowing you to focus on the content itself. But that’s not all – this groundbreaking tool also enhances accessibility, making your documents more inclusive to all readers. With auto tagging and other accessibility features at your fingertips, you’ll be able to streamline your workflow and produce higher-quality documents with ease.

Editing Features

Nitro Pro offers a wide range of PDF editing features, giving users the ability to add, delete and edit text and images. You can also turn any scan into a fully searchable, editable PDF using OCR technology. The new drag-and-drop functionality between multiple open windows makes it even easier to edit your PDFs.

Nitro Pro fulfills any signing need—whether you need to apply an electronic signature directly within your PDF, employ a single-signer workflow to quickly request a signature via Nitro Sign, or apply a highly secure, specialized digital signature. These options help keep your workflows entirely digital, meaning you no longer need to waste your time with printing, manually signing, and scanning.

Document Properties
Document Properties (Image credit: Nitro)


We know from experience that Nitro PDF Pro is the best performing editor, similar to Adobe Acrobat. If we take a closer look, we can see that some tools are more capable and work faster in Nitro PDF Pro. For example, you can batch convert multiple documents at once with this software

Now Nitro offers multi-language installers, plus OCR support for Simplified Chinese and Russian. Also spell check for all. Document sign, quick sharing makes its performance more effective.


Despite its excellent features and advanced tools, Nitro PDF Pro 14 comes with a hefty price tag of $179.99 per user for both Windows and Mac versions. This cost may be a barrier for some users, particularly individuals or small businesses. However, package deals are available for bulk buying. For Windows, users can receive one free license for every three purchased or two free licenses for every eight. On the other hand, Mac users can receive discounts of 20% off when buying five licenses or an impressive 24% off when purchasing ten.

Nitro PDF Pro has a 14-day trial provides Windows and Mac users with the ability to try it out without making any financial commitment. and without requiring a credit card for full access to its features. It’s important to be aware that during the trial period, the Mac version of the software will add a watermark only to saved PDFs, which may be inconvenient for those who require professional-looking documents.


  • Now PDF / AU, WCAG 2.1 compliant with new OCR Packs
  • Auto Tagging, Remediation Tools
  • Document properties and compliance flags
  • Expanded multi-language installer
  • Security improvements

Comparing Nitro PDF to Another Best PDF Editor

Comparing Nitro PDF to other PDF editors like Adobe, Soda PDF, PDFElement and Foxit PDF. can be overwhelming due to the abundance of options available. we will provide a comparison between the best PDF editors in the market.

FeaturesNitro PDF ProAdobe AcrobatSoda PDFPDFElement
Price$179.99 one Time$16.95 / Mo$79.95/ yearly$79.95/ yearly
Edit and modify text and imagesYesYesYesYes
Convert PDFs and export to Word, Excel,  and PowerPointYesYesYesYes
Sign documents, request signaturesYesYesadd-onnon
Add security and password-protect PDF filesYesYesBasicBasic
Turn scanned documents into editable (OCR)YesAdvancedBasicBasic
SupportTicketing/PremiumPaid enterpriseYesYes
Free Trial14 Days7 Days14 Days14 Days
Learn MoreOn Nitro websiteOn Adobe WebsiteOn Soda PDF WebsiteOn Wondershare Website
Read ReviewsSoda PDF ReviewPDFElement Review
Comparison between: Nitro PDF, Adobe Acrobat, Soda PDF, PDFElement

Nitro PDF Vs Adobe Acrobat

When it comes to editing PDF documents, Nitro PDF Pro and Adobe Acrobat Pro are two of the most popular options. Although both tools offer similar features and capabilities.

Nitro PDF Pro has a user-friendly interface that is simpler than Adobe Acrobat Pro. This feature makes it easier to use for individuals who are not familiar with professional software or complex programs. Nitro PDF Pro is a suitable choice for small businesses and professional individuals who require a PDF editor frequently. Furthermore, Nitro PDF Pro is often priced lower than Adobe Acrobat Pro since Nitro requires a one-time payment while Adobe requires a monthly or annual subscription.

Adobe Acrobat Pro, on the other hand, offers enterprise-level features and capabilities. It is a powerful piece of software for those who need to work with complex documents on an enterprise level.

In terms of security, both programs offer robust protection against viruses and malware. However, Adobe Acrobat Pro offers more advanced security features to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access.

When it comes to cost-effectiveness, Nitro PDF Pro is the clear winner over Adobe Acrobat Pro. The price difference between the two can be significant depending on the number of licenses and features required.

Overall, the best PDF editor depends on your needs. For Professional PDF editing, Nitro PDF Pro may be the better choice for users with a lower budget. However, if you need more advanced features such as enterprise security then Adobe Acrobat Pro may be a better option.

Nitro PDF Pro Vs Soda PDF

Soda PDF is another popular PDF editing software. It offers a variety of features and is suitable for individuals with basic needs such as creating, converting, and viewing PDF documents.

In comparison to Nitro PDF Pro, Soda PDF has fewer features but it is more affordable. Furthermore, the user interface of Soda PDF is less sophisticated than Nitro’s making it easier to use for beginners.

When it comes to security, both programs offer strong protection against viruses and malware however SodaPDF does not support enterprise-level security options like Adobe AcrobatPro or Nitro Pro.

Overall, if you are looking for an economical solution for basic needs then Soda PDF may be the better choice. However, if you require more features and advanced security options then Nitro PDF Pro is the better option.

Nitro PDF Pro Vs PDFElement

PDFelement is a popular PDF editor. It offers many of the same features as Nitro PDF Pro such as creating, editing, converting and viewing PDF documents.

In comparison to Nitro PDF Pro, PDFelement has fewer features but it is more affordable. Furthermore, the user interface of PDFelement is less sophisticated than Nitro’s making it easier to use for beginners.

When it comes to security, both programs offer strong protection against viruses and malware however PDFElement does not support enterprise-level security options like Adobe AcrobatPro or Nitro Pro.

in term PDF quality, both Nitro PDF Pro and PDFElement provide high-quality PDF files. However, Nitro PDF Pro provides more control over the quality of the final product than PDFElement.

.Edit and modify text and images, reorder, and delete pages in a PDF

You can modify the order of pages, remove pages, and make changes to the text and images in a PDF document.

Nitro PDF vs Foxit PDF

Nitro PDF and Foxit PDF are two of the most popular programs for creating, editing and viewing PDFs. Both programs are reliable and offer a range of features that make them attractive options for users who need to work with PDF files regularly. However, there are some key differences between the two programs that make each better suited for different types of tasks.

Nitro PDF is the perfect solution for users who want an easy-to-use and affordable PDF editor. With its intuitive interface, even those without much technical knowledge or experience with PDFs can easily navigate it. Additionally, it provides a vast array of tools that enable you to effortlessly edit and customize PDF documents, such as text editing, image manipulation, annotation tools, and more. Nitro PDF is a great alternative to Adobe and a top PDF solution.

In terms of pricing, Nitro PDF offers one-time purchase options as well as subscription plans with Nitro Platform, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

On a different note, Foxit PDF also has subscription plans with monthly and yearly commitments. However, they are usually more expensive compared to Nitro PDF.

Foxit PDF also offers many great features like Nitro PDF, such as robust creation and editing tools, the ability to password-protect documents and annotation. It also has several workflow automation features that can help streamline your document management processes. However, Foxit PDF’s interface is more complex than Nitro PDF’s, which may make it difficult for some users who are not used to working with PDFs.


In our opinion, Nitro PDF Pro 14 is the best PDF editor on the market. It’s the only true alternative to Adobe Acrobat for people who want to create, edit, and convert PDFs. While its cost may be a deterrent for some users, the package deals and bulk discounts provide options for those who need multiple licenses. Additionally, the software’s user-friendly interface, comprehensive feature set, and focus on security make it a top choice for professionals in a variety of industries.


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nitro-pdf-proNitro PDF Pro is the best PDF software on the market. It’s the only true alternative to Adobe Acrobat for people who want to create, edit, and convert PDFs at an affordable price. And now that Nitro Pro also gives users access to free unlimited eSigning,