How To Extract PDF Pages: A PDF Bear Guide

PDF documents eat up a lot of room from our disk space, and sending them via electronic mail may be complicated because the document’s file size is too big to deliver. PDF extraction is about recycling several pages from a PDF file and extracting them from another PDF document to another. 

To do so, you’ll need to have a web-based application or software to extract PDF files. PDF Bear provides Extract Pages are an outstanding representation of an online conversion platform that can deliver this kind of functionality. 

This conversion ensures the pages you like are clipped into a different PDF format. There is a choice inside the blue rectangle space where you can choose or drag your document, where you can decide to extract all pages or only specific pages.

Extract Pages Using PDF Bear’s Tool

You can also find the procedures to take underneath the extract tool so that you can have guidance to extract your PDF document to a fresh one. The extracting system by PDF Bear will easily and securely remove the pages from your PDF. Navigate the website of PDF Bear and search for and press the Extract pages button to extract pdf pages using their extract tool. 

Users may find the extract pages feature once they arrive at the page. The first thing you have to do is import or transfer your chosen PDF file in the specified extraction space. You can also import documents from your Dropbox or Google Drive. After selecting the PDF folder, you may have to pick the specific pages from the chosen file you want to modify.

In just a couple of seconds, the PDF extract will complete, and you can begin exporting or saving your fresh extracted PDF. While PDF Bear will erase all pages or prints that you have submitted and removed, users are advised to delete the documents themselves.

Benefits You Can With PDF Bear

It is needless to download or register to use their service because you would be free to access their PDF extract pages service using your laptop or device’s favorite browser. It is functional not only by consumers of Windows who have access to their resources but also by Mac and Linux computers.

Utilizing their extraction feature won’t make the performance of your file low. It guarantees users will have an excellent resolution in using their PDF pages, extract features, and other services. They are always ensuring that consumers’ data is secure in their control.

It will be safest if you use a PDF Bear extraction service to quickly and securely extract your PDF files. All you have to do is pick your Pdf file for extraction and wait for it to wrap up in just a couple of seconds.

Pro Membership

You can avail of their extract pages resource at any time for no cost, but you can only get lower benefits. If you want to make more use of their resources, you may wish to sign up for the membership subscription of PDF Bear PRO. You’ll be allowed to obtain plenty of tools and resources as possible through their premium services.

The monthly plan charges only $14.99, while it costs $99.99 per annum. This package ensures you can benefit more than monthly in the yearly program if you opt for the annual membership package rather than choosing for the monthly plan. PDF Bear can grant you a free trial in addition to your membership, whether you are a fresh client or user. 

You may withdraw your subscription and get paid back if you feel like backing out. However, you will have to do this during the free trial period to get refunded. Paying for a PDF converter plan is worth it because you will be able to access more features that will be advantageous to you.


Resources and technologies of online PDF converters render activities, assignments, and almost everything else quicker and more comfortable. When you choose to make or add some improvements to your PDF, then PDF Bear happily provides you with the tools you want.

Performance and safety are their primary concerns for PDF Bear, especially in its PDF to Word converter resource. Their platform makes documents from their customers the highest standard when converting to other online converter tools and resources.


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