The Achilles tendon in the human body forms the connection between the calf muscles and the heel bone. The largest tendon found in the human body is prone to inflammation when the individual goes through extreme physical work out or exercise. Thus, the condition of Achilles Tendonitis arises.

Best Basketball Shoes Available in the Market

Many individuals who are into sports such as Basketball have faced this situation. Due to this reason there are many shoe manufacturers which have come up with special basketball shoes to help people who are suffering from Achilles Tendonitis. If you are suffering because of the Achilles pain, you should always wear shoes which provide you great support for the Achilles. Listed below are some of the basketball shoes which are popular choices with people.

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  • Adidas CrazyLight Boost Low: This basketball shoe is very well known for its superior performance and is very popular among the people who use them. They are very light in weight as their upper material is made up of synthetic. Thus, the person wearing the shoes does not feel the pressure when on the feet when they are playing. The upper layer composition is such that it makes the shoe comfortable and breathable. The shoe has a flat sole which saves your feet from the extra pressure. It also has foam filled pillows that increases the comfort level for any one person suffering from Achilles pain. It has the right amount of cushion and the responsiveness is optimum along with amazing protection from impact. During a game it also provides traction on the basketball floor.
  • Under Armour UA Clutchfit Drive 3: The next most popular basketball shoes in the list is the Under Armour UA Clutchfit Drive 3. It uses the Clutchfit technology in the upper part of the shoe for better support and breathability. The feet are locked down tightly and thus provide the ankle the much-needed support, while playing basketball. They also have an external heel counter and a shank inside for better stability. It has a micro G layer all over the shoe which helps to walk around comfortably along with the heel area cushions to absorb shock.
  • Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive: The third most popular basketball shoe on the list is the Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive which is a very lightweight and comfortable shoe. The upper part of the shoe is made of Prime knit Xenon. The lacing relieves pressure on the arches and makes it for the feet perfectly. Thus, it is perfect for people who want relief from Achilles pain while playing. The cushion is done full length, giving the foot protection from impact.
  • Nike LeBron 16: One of the top picks when it comes to the basketball shoes from one of the greats, LeBron. Its upper part is made of battle knit 2.0 which is very comfortable and breathable and is immensely flexible. It has a full cushion and has an amazing protection from impact and gives extreme support to your feet. There is a special pillow inside the shoe for Achilles. The traction patterns have a very firm grip as well.
  • Under Armour Curry 3: To provide comfort, support, breathability for the players the upper part is made of Threadborne. It provides firm lockdown of the feet and also helps the forefeet to arch and also provides stability to the heels. Its cushioning is meritorious and has increased cushioning for protection from impact.
  • Jordan Why Not Zero.2: The upper material is lofted, and the shoe is very durable, comfortable, supportive and breathable. The air units on the forefoot of the shoe performs very well and provides amazing cushioning thus protecting the feet from impact. It has a firm lockdown and thus provides good support. It also has an external heel counter which provides heel support. The outer sole has a circular traction pattern that provides the best grip while playing a game.
  • Nike Zoom Evidence: It takes the spot of one of the most popular shoes because of its lightweight and the upper part made by composite material. It increases the durability, support and breathability of the shoe. The shoes are a great fit while playing and provide great lockdown because of the lacing system and flywire which is asymmetrical. The Achilles tendon and the heels are protected very impressively with a foam heel pad. The midsole is made of Phylon and the air unit in the forefoot makes it very comfortable to be worn while playing. The rubber used is very durable and the traction has a pattern of herringbone traction, so the grip is amazing.


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