“Before it is too late.” Princess Diana’s bodyguard wants to tell William and Harry their mother’s “deepest secrets.”

Princess Diana bodyguard wants to tell William and Harry
Princess Diana’s bodyguard wants to tell William and Harry their mother’s “deepest secrets.

Paul Burrell, former bodyguard of the late Princess Diana, revealed that he was terrified that he might take some of Princess Diana’s secrets with him to the grave, especially after he was diagnosed with cancer, and said he was ready to share her secrets with her two sons, Princes William and Harry, according to the newspaper. The Mirror “British.

The newspaper reported that the man whom Princess Diana labeled her “rock” is still struggling with the memories of their most intimate moments, when she would share her innermost thoughts to him. He believes people should be aware of this special connection they shared and would like them to know.

Speaking to The Mirror, the former royal butler stated that his illness has directed his concentration towards delivering important information to Diana’s two sons before it’s too late. Paul offers an opinion of what he believed the Princess would have said “You need to make this a priority and go see my boys.”

January of last year, 64-year old Paul Burrell revealed his shocking prostate cancer diagnosis and expressed his anxiety about not having enough time to “tell them the truth.”

Paul Burrell, Princess Diana’s bodyguard for 10 years

Paul, who was Diana’s butler for 10 years until her death in 1997, said: “I spent many hours with Diana, during her happiest times as well as her darkest times. She captivated me and there are many things I never talked about, but now I feel like the time is right.” .

Paul Burrell expressed: “I firmly believe that my words can help bring the boys back together, which was what Diana had wished for. I just want to tell them the truth and nothing else. I’m not hoping for any particular outcome.”

The former bodyguard who worked with Princess Diana said: “I’d like to try and do my part to see them reconcile, wouldn’t it be great to see the boys mend their relationship and go back to where they need to be back. The audience would love that. I applaud that.”

But he said his fondest wish was to have the opportunity to sit with William and “fill in those missing years in his mind”. He added, “He can ask me any question, and I will be able to answer. I just want to tell the truth. Some truth may be difficult.”

Paul Burrell added, “I would like to tell them the truth, there are things that happened in their mother’s world that they may not have known about. I think it might fill in some of the blanks.”

In the past, Paul Burrell has described himself as Diana’s “best friend”, claiming she said he was “the only man she could ever trust”. The trust she placed in him led him to protect her secrets, but now he wanted to share what he knew with her two sons, hoping to bring them closer together.

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