Why go in for sports? It has long been believed that exercise can replace drugs, because sports – is the prevention of many diseases, as well as an excellent antidepressant. Many who are regularly engaged in physical activity, note that after classes the mood always rises, even if before it was bad.

Just daily sports for 15 minutes can extend life for 3 years. Getting up earlier for 15 minutes and doing a simple charge, it charges you for the whole day with energy. Make an experiment at least for 1-2 weeks, do exercises every day and you will see how your performance has increased.

According to Steven Blair, a Professor of physical activity studies in South Carolina, there are five main reasons for doing sports. Here they are:

1.    Sport improves brain function

Physical activity increases the number of mitochondria in cells that are responsible for energy production. When doing sports, an increased number of mitochondria increases endurance and strength. Experiments have shown that exercises have a direct impact on the human psyche due to the increase of mitochondria in the brain cells.

2.    Sports relieve stress

When doing sports, our body produces endorphins. These substances reduce pain by the type of analgesics, only in a natural way. Also exercises relieve stress, relieve anxiety, increase self-esteem, depressive thoughts just disappear, checked.

3.    Sports energize

Literally 15-30 minute morning exercises will change the whole day. You probably think that morning exercises cause fatigue? Yes, it does, but only on the first couple, and when it becomes a habit, you will be much easier to carry the daily load.

4.    Sport improves health

An active person in 70 years is not so at risk of sudden death than a person in 60 years, but sluggish. A cheerful and healthy person looks much better.

5.    Reduces the risk of getting sick

Oddly enough, but the daily small loads can reduce colon cancer by 60%, stroke by 27%, of type II diabetes by 60%, Alzheimer’s by 40%, heart disease by 40%.

After reading this article, get up from behind the computer and do a little warm-up for the neck, back, arms, legs and eyes literally within 15 minutes and you will feel a surge of strength. Try it now.

Why go in for sports? There are actually many reasons, but unfortunately only one excuse can erase everything.

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