Movies are consistently better than TV shows. You get seeing a story one at a time. You do not need waiting for the next episode or series to be launched as per the scheduled time and date. Episodes of TV shows are seamlessly unending. It goes on and keeps on rotating keeping the theme the same as before. Even TV shows seem to be a bit boring and tiring. Sometimes we tend to quit shows in between because of the continuity of the same story or rounding up of the episode on the same plot continuously.

One best thing about TV shows is they can check your patience and helps you to learn to be patient. Movies don’t test your patience. There are many online sites where you can watch recent released and old movies at a convenient time and from your comfortable place. Here is a couple of points which shows why movies are better than TV shows:

1. Movies are more intense:

In TV shows one episode can be intense but not all. In comparison, movies are more intense than the show. It will keep you intact at your seat.

2. They have special effect:

Movies have a better special effect and also can cut out any unnecessary shots from the movie. Whether in TV shows some shots are kept to extend the episode which loses people’s interest.

3. Movies have easier to access:

This means you can watch movies anywhere and anytime. Whereas TV shows have fixed timing and date for each episode whereas all the online platforms give you access to watch movies whenever you want. Whether it is early in the morning or at the middle of the night visit movies123 online site and watch movies without interruptions.

4. Movies are easier to understand:

Whenever you compare movies with TV shows, there is a vast difference like in film you can assume whatever is going to happen in next couple of minutes and keeps you at your seat till the interval. But in TV shows a few episodes make you whin what is happening and what will happen in the next couple of minutes or episodes. It can take you on a roller coaster ride when you watch TV shows.

5. Movies need not be visualised early:

You need to sit for 2 hours at a stretch, and the film is done. Whereas you need to sit every day in front of the TV and think and try to visualise what will happen next. Movies help you understand the story better and at a go.

6. Lots of art forms can be incorporated:

In movies, you can include many art forms whereas in TV shows you don’t get them to see and they do not have much access to it.

7. The social aspect:

You can take out time and go with your friends to watch movies whereas in TV shows your friends may not like to be a part of that show along with you. It may be of interest to you but not to your friends. But in movies even if you can take your friends because it takes less time and you do not know it may interest your friends too.

These are a couple of points which says movies are better than TV shows. You need putting in less time, no brainstorming required, friends can be a part of your happiness. Movies are a stress buster and give you energy at the weekend so that you can again start afresh from Monday morning. More videos and happier that doesn’t mean you need to go and watch every movie even if you don’t like it.