Have you ever wondered where you can find a good website with the top five reviews on some of the most popular products are? What if you need apps for bar management? What if you’re wanting to open up a Shopify store and need lessons on how to maximize your e-commerce business? Or even more, you want to find the best products out there for your home project, or just overall retail merchandise. Well there is one website that literally does it all, and you can find them at https://www.officialtop5review.com/.

What Do They Feature?

Well, the items listed in the previous paragraph are a few of the handful of products they have, but they’re not limited to that. From everything like dating sites, and online media, all the way to actual items you can shop for and purchase, this website has a very good variety of items, as well as has links to where you can find them for a really low price (or check the price) on Amazon.com affiliate links.

How Does the Website Work?

When you’re reading reviews, you simply click on a “continue reading” of the blog topic which features the top 5 most sold items that you wish to learn about. You can read the reviews of each product, as well as see how they rank on the system. If you’re wondering how they fit all of that excellent content into one website, you may be surprised. The site is actually very fast, and even loads on mobile devices extremely well. All of the entire page actually shrinks to whatever resolution you are using, which makes it extremely useful and mobile-friendly.

Is this Website Opinion Based?

No, this website is the best website for actual informative articles. While yes, all of the items are in a sense promoted since they’re the best, OT5R is actually dedicated to providing as much factual information as possible. This is based off of product specifications, statistics, actual customer reviews, and purchase history. Not only that, bud this website specifically guides you to the proper products as they are listed on Amazon, or if it’s a website, directly to the website so you can see the proof of their article firsthand to retain credibility.

What If I Can’t Find What I’m Looking For?

When you search for a product, you can simply expect to see results if it’s something listed directly on the website. Otherwise, if there is no content pertaining to what you want, the item you searched for that is not existent is sent and there are notifications logged as to what items are searched for (Something very handy about WordPress). There are items constantly being added, and you can easily leave a comment about certain products, or even the review page, and you may see the item you were looking for in the near future, so it’s important to continuously keep checking on the website.

Is it Educational?

Actually, this website is very educational. Not only does it contain products that are being reviewed, but it also tells a little bit about the products for example, and what they are, or what they’re used for in general. For example, the section about “Biometric Fingerprint Door Locks” actually goes into some detail on what these door locks are before you ever start reading about individual products or see a listing. This can help you in finding out if these are something you want to see for yourself as well.


They are based right here in the United States, and all of the items that are reviewed if purchased does go towards the “affiliate” link associated with your purchase and the page. However, this doesn’t go into anyone’s pocket, it simply goes directly back into the website in order to continue to make it free for you to be able to use in the future, making it worth your while. Also, none of your information is collected or distributed to third parties, which is a great thing as online security of privacy is a big issue with many people and also many websites today.