Do you have a blog that you want to give a big boost to? If you have a Word Press page and you want to get the most out of it, do not lose sight of it. You can download the different advanced plug-in that we recommend. They allow various functions such as improving SEO, bring more traffic to your website through Social Media, improve the security of your page or reduce loading time. Take note and try to improve your blog to the fullest

SEO Image optimizer WordPress plugin

SEO image optimizer is a simple and must have the plugin to Gain more traffic and sales From Search Engine Like Google, Yahoo, Bing Image Search. It dramatically increases Traffic of your WordPress Website, Blog and Woo commerce Store.

Features of SEO Image optimizer WordPress plugin

Below are some important features of SEO Image optimizer WordPress plugin

  1. Automatically Add Alt & Title Tags
  2. Works for existing and New Images both
  3. Feature Images Support
  4. Woo commerce Images Support
  5. Customizable Alt and Title Tags
  6. SEO Friendly Image Optimization
  7. Easy to Use, User-friendly Interface
  8. Compatible with Most Word press Theme
  9. Compatible with All Major Browsers
  10. Replace alt attribute value with post tags.
  11. Custom Post Type Support.

Why Use a plugin to optimize images in WordPress?

Is it always positive to use Plugging in WordPress. We know the importance of optimizing the images of our articles in WordPress, both in dimensions as well as in resolution and quality. In order to reduce the download time of our pages and not penalize our SEO positioning. This we can easily do with the images we create and upload ourselves to the content manager, but what do we do with the images, of different sizes, that WordPress, the Theme or the plug-in generate automatically every time we upload an image?

A solution, generally valid, is to use any of the available plug-in to do this task.

What is a virtual store or shopping cart?

Just as a physical store, an online store requires a space to be installed. However, it is essential that there is a certain kind of promotion. Unlike a physical space, people will not be able to find your store on the road. The internet is an extremely large universe where a page if it does not have the proper publicity, can be lost in the limbo of the web.

There are several points that you must analyze before establishing an online store. Just as one handles the infrastructure of a physical store, virtual stores require a design and organization that help the customer to find their product easily.

Choose an E-commerce platform

Every online store is made within a platform and one can also take help of Multi-store shopping cart software. This is the one that will be responsible for processing all purchases made, user registration, content management (products for sale) and processing of payments. You can choose several like Magento, one of the most popular there is today.

Choose a domain and hosting

This becomes the name of the place and space where you will place it. You have to analyze the size of your store. If it is a small business, you will not need so much space to implement the online store. Also, take into account the number of orders you expect to receive so there are no complications when visiting your page.

Choose a means of payment

When we enter an online business, it is necessary that we choose several means of payment. There are different ways to accept the payment of the products, be it PayPal, credit card, etc. Even some stores prefer to use the payment against delivery as it provides greater security to the customer when making their purchase online.

Choose a delivery service

The online sales would not have a happy ending if the order does not arrive on time. You have to analyze the delivery area that you will manage and have a trained staff to carry out all the shipments according to the deadline established by the client. Some companies have their own delivery service and others prefer to hire a third party that is prepared to meet the demand.

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