Space X has a project named Starlink which is going to launch a massive number of satellites on earth’s low orbit. The purpose is to provide nonstop, high-speed Internet connections all over the earth. This project will use high-frequency EMF like 5G bands. Here you can learn more.

Although the purpose is good, its consequences on the human race are very frightening. In this article, I will describe how does the Starlink is going to blank the earth with deadly 5g and one more thing; should we fear it? So let’s begin:-

Inspection of Starlink 5G Potential Health Risks

Most people assume that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and FDA carefully verify the health threats of this kind of technology before approving; regardless, in evidence carried by Democrat Senator Blumenthal of Connecticut, the FCC confessed it has not executed any safety investigations on 5G.

Blumenthal criticized the FDA’s announcements on health dangers as “pretty unsatisfactory” and surmised the FCC testimony with “so actually there is no investigation ongoing. We’re sort of flying blind here, as far as safety and health are concerned.”

Starlink Electromagnetic Radiation and Biological Risk

Over 1,100 researches related to the EMR (5G) says that some consequence like hormonal, neurological, reproductive, neuropsychiatric, cardiac, or DNA mutations will be irreversible. Some may involve the evolution of the race of mankind.

In humans, there is precise information that EMR is affecting not only cancer but also a vast order of debilitating disorders comprising cognitive damage, memory and learning deficits, neurological defect, miscarriage, degraded sperm quality and function, diabetes, obesity, tinnitus, affects on common well-being, changes of heart rhythm, and cardiovascular disorders.

Phased Array: Starlink Radiation is Unusual and More Harmful

The solitary most notable truth about radiation like 5G is known as “phased array.” It will completely transform the way cell phones and cell towers are designed and will create a layer of radiation, that will be far stronger then what we have at present. This massive radiation will fly through us all the time.

When a normal electromagnetic field passes into our body, it stimulates currents to flow and charges to move. But when incredibly short electromagnetic pulses (like that on used on 5G) pass into our body, something else occurs.

The moving charges themselves evolve like tiny antennas that re-radiate the electromagnetic field and as further happens send it deeper into our body. However, it disturbs the natural system. Naturally, our body faces an electric field in the Pico-meter range. 

Ronald Melnick, an architect of the NTP (National Toxicology Program) research shows clear proof of a causal connection between cancer and disclosure to wireless cell phone signals. He puts in that A severe lesson that should be comprehended from the NTP investigates is what we can no longer determine that any existing or future wireless technology, including 5G, is safe without sufficient testing.

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Concluding Thought

If the Starlink industry’s projects for 5G should come to actualization, no person, no insect, no bird, no animal and no plant on this planet will be able to avoid exposure of nonstop radiation. A horrible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The rates of RF (Radio Frequency) radiation exposure will be tens to hundreds of times faster than what stands today. There will be no chance of avoiding RF radiation anywhere on the earth.

These 5G plans of Starlink is a matter of great concern that can result in vital, irreversible outcomes on humans and can bring endless destruction to all of the Earth’s ecosystems.

Timely steps must be taken to safeguard humanity and habitat, keeping with moral imperatives and worldwide policies.

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