Simple to use tips for YouTube marketing in 2021

YouTube is the biggest video engine around the globe. After Google (search engine), YouTube is the biggest engine in WWW. That’s why you should position your brand on this platform. Today we will show you how to gain more relevant subscribers on YouTube channel with these simple to implement tips.

Create an effective preview

A vibrant thumbnail is vital to engaging viewers with your content, which helps drive product marketing for your business. The thumbnail is the first thing that viewers pay attention to when they see the video list. The thumbnail should be provocative so you can get more clicks on your video. The thumbnail should represent what the viewer is going to see in this video. This is the reason why it should be associated with title, description and content. If your business sells a product, make sure your product is thumbnail visible. The same is with the services you offer, the feature of this service should be reflected in a miniature to give a clue to the viewer.

Call to action buttons

About 80% of shoppers who watched YouTube videos of what they want to buy said they watched the video early in the buying process. This is a fun fact that motivates you to nudge viewers towards your call to action. Plus, your business has more reasons why a CTA can benefit from expanding its customer base.

Your call to action is a chance to inspire your viewers to take real steps to become your customer. It motivates the user what to do next, pushing him to spontaneous actions. You can ask them for their contact information so that you can send them details and samples of your product or service. You can also provide a link to your website to visit, select and purchase, which will bring more revenue to your business.

Use YouTube ads

YouTube is not only a content viewing platform. You can also advertise your product there. It offers you 6 different types of ads on desktop and mobile platforms:

  • Display advertising;
  • Overlay ads;
  • Skippable ads;
  • Non-skippable ads;
  • Splash ads;

Tune your channel

Setting up your YouTube channel is very important so that viewers can quickly determine that your channel represents your business brand. By leveraging your brand colors, typography, logos, and familiar images, your channel will become visible to new visitors as well as returning subscribers.

Below are some key points to do this:

  • Customize your avatar;
  • Customize the look of your channel;
  • Customize the “About Me” tab;
  • Customize the Channels tab.

Evaluate and modify according to the preferences of the audience.

In order to keep track of the business you get from YouTube marketing, you need to continue to rate and modify your videos / content according to viewers’ preferences. Analyze each report from the last 30 days to see how viewers feel about your video and what product sales have increased as a result.

To get the best results from your marketing, also check YouTube Analytics Engagement for the last month for patterns in likes, subscriptions, sharing, favorites, and comments. With these results in mind, design your future video content accordingly.


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