SOS Online Backup Review 2018


SOS online Backup 2018 has possesses the best suited formula for online backup and storage combining unlimited storage, unlimited file versioning, and unlimited file size with 2 way level data encryption and UltraSafe MAX that SOS online Storage will not store your Password on any file and no one can have access to your data, this features and more make SOS online backup one of our favorite cloud storage service for this year


Starting Price: $7.99/Month

  • Unlimited Storage
  • 256 AES encryption .
  • Unlimited File size, Unlimited file versioning
  • Online and Local Backup
  • No Sync Feature
  • No File Share
Bottom Line

SOS is great option to backup and protect your data, with unlimited storage and unlimited versioning SOS is among one of the best cloud storage.

SOS Online Backup Review 2018

SOS online Backup its part of Infrascale data protection center and IT Disaster Recovery Management. The company has 11 independent data centers with our using any third party solutions
this mean your data will protected with the same company and without any interfere with others complicated services

Getting Started

sos-online-backup backupSOS Online Make it so easy to start backing up and protect your data, after downloading and installing the software SOS online Backup walk you through setting up your backup, the user interface is simple to navigate SOS be default will select all your important files location like my documents, videos, images and you can do this manually and add files to SOS to backup, Once you have done selecting the files and folders you want to backup, SOS online will automatically start protecting these data and transfer it to SOS Cloud Storage when any change make to these file, and at any time you can add or modify files for your initial backup

Features Set

One of the great feature in SOS Online backup provide is providing unlimited storage space which is one of the point that boosts the quality of this service, Although SOS will let you keep unlimited file versioning and archive of your data, this very important features comparing to other Cloud storage service which limit the file versioning to 10 – 15 and it will be deleted after 30 days, only Zoolz Home provide such features by keeping all versions of file for life, with this excellent feature you will never get worry about losing or accidentally deleted file you will have a life time archive and versioning of your file and manually you can login to your dashboard and delete the unwanted file that you don’t want

Another notable feature that SOS has and separates itself from competitor in the cloud storage market is no file size limit, SOS provide unlimited file size and its allow to upload video files without any extra charge since some other services charge for uploading big files

sos-online-backup dashboardSOS uses incremental backup, SOS online backup will check for any changed file since the last backup, and only these files will be uploaded, this is a great way will save bandwidth when uploading your file in addition SOS will save the old version of the file so you can use it when you want, and you don’t need to be worry for any outage or internet disconnect SOS will pick it up and continued the backup job from where it left off, without any slowing you down, also you have the option to create local backup on external hard or network.

SOS Will compressed the file before uploading to the storage server, this is feature make the uploading much faster
and we didn’t face any problem with our internet speed during the initial backup


SOS Online Backup security gets perfect score for its utilization of powerful encryption solutions using 2 level 256-bit AES encryption, SOS will encrypt all files immediately and automatically before uploading to SOS server, then you will have the option with the new Ultrasafe MAX option which encrypt your sensitive data on SOS Datacenter and no one will have encryption key, therefore, you need to keep the encryption key in safe place because it never stored on any SOS server, losing it mean you can’t restore your data.
Another great security feature with SOS online backup is that they operate in 11 independent data centers around the world, and to add more security to your data they perform redundant backup, so they backup your data every day and move it different datacenters to keep safe and 100% protected


With SOS you can backup your smart phone for free whiter is iPhone or Android even iPad, and your data will be secure since its will be encrypted before uploading it to SOS cloud server, and you have full access for your data.

SOS Online Backup features include:

Storage SpaceUnlimited
Automated BackupYes
Local BackupYes local and cloud
Encryption256 Bit AES Encryption
File size limitationNo limit
Access Your FilesAny Device
External drives BackupYes

Price/Storage Space

SOS offers one plan for $7.95 / Month which include unlimited storage unlimited version and archive, no file size limit, and one user’s you can have it for 2 years it will cost $5.95 / Month, if you want to add more user’s you can get a plan for 5 user’s and it will cost $39.95 / Month

Customer Service

SOS provides technical support via email and 24/ 7 live chat, phone support also available, in addition SOS has a huge collection of video tutorials, articles, knowledge base and FAQs



SOS Online Backup is an excellent easy to use cloud storage service that you will backup and protect your data, SOS dashboard is well designed and easy to use interface, SOS has plenty of effective features include 100 automated incremental backup unlimited storage and archive and you keep unlimited file versioning for your data, help and technical support is available for 24 /7 while the service miss file sync and file sharing features but this will not discourage you, you will find that SOS is one of the best cloud storage in the market.

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