Steps to Have a Video Conferencing System

Video conferencing system is beneficial for companies whose offices are located far from each other. The video conference will help then to work collaboratively because this technology enables them to develop direct video communications. Companies mostly use it for meetings, but it also can be used as a medium for training. The instructors or lecturers for college will teach a remote class from anywhere. In a corporate context, a teleconference can help business owners get workers the knowledge they need to give a better performance of their jobs. This way can also substitute a traditional class where students and teachers have to attend class. By using this system, they don’t have to.

Companies owners can also use video conferences to hold regular meetings with stakeholders or staff about the current activities of the business. They can tell the significant changes they have in the company like present certain information, introduce new CEO, or regular meetings where all participants can engage in discussion.

If the offices do not have any discussion or teleconference rooms for their meetings, they could rent it from hotels and conference hubs. It may offer services regarded as a video conference.

Steps to Make Video Conference

There are at least three components you need to set up video conferencing in meeting rooms. First, you need a connected TV with multiple displays. Second, you need a video conferencing system with all in one camera and codec, the last one is a conference phone. Once you prepare those devices, try to use a cloud-based video conferencing system. This system allows users to set up the devices with ease. Even you can be setting it in minutes. The first step is connecting the video conference system to the internet and room displays. Then, pair the system with the video conferencing account. Lastly, try to make your first video call, share the screen, and enjoy the experience of having a face to face communication.

Requirements and Pricing

The most important thing to get a high definition conference call is a capable network. Or you also can use a high-quality voice and video conferencing service. These two things will help users get an excellent video call experience. Here we list you the three important components to get a good conference call. First and foremost is a high-resolution conference camera. Besides you need to have a fast computer processor and reliable internet. The last one is the high-quality equipment.

When you choose video conferencing services, you may get a wide range of prices. It started from the free trial offerings to high price for large organizations. Choosing a free trial service may put you having limited functions of the teleconference. While the enterprise pricing may give you various features that enable you to add hundreds to even thousands of participants. The charge of conducting a video conference, for some vendors, is based on a pee host model. Thus, for those who conduct, facilitate, and schedule meetings, they will be charged. Yet, the participants or the attendees will be free to join.

Etiquettes when Joining Video Conference

If a video conference is new for you, we list some etiquettes you can follow to go away with the common mistakes you may commit. Firstly is muting yourself when you are not speaking. Though you are not speaking or you think you are quiet, most device’s microphone can catch minor noises like sneezes, or typing. Mute yourself to prevent other participants from being distracted by your noise.

Secondly, be on time. If you think you are not visible when coming late in a video conference meeting, you are wrong. Everything is seen through online meetings. Be on time. It is a basic standard for all kinds of meetings. Thirdly, make sure that your devices work correctly. To prevent technical problems from happening, do some checking with your internal staff before conducting a meeting. This test will help you to know whether or not your devices are working properly. Do not hesitate to ask advice from experts before you land your investors.

Another etiquette when having a video conferencing system is wearing appropriate clothing. Well, it may be tempting to have t-shirts when you are working from home or meeting from home. If you are participating in a face-to-face meeting, make sure you are wearing something professional. You don’t have to wear fancy clothes, professional and appropriate clothing will be enough when attending an online meeting.


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