There are several challenges facing the healthcare industry today.

Skyrocketing costs, rising insurance premiums, and declining patient care are very hot political topics.

Not to mention, there are pressures to remain profitable, which places additional stress on those who provide patient care. That stress can lower the quality of care that patients get.

There are some who say it’s possible to improve care and lower costs at the same time.

Are you ready to find out the secrets to improving patient care?

Let’s get started!

1. Utilize Cloud Computing

Healthcare providers are under pressure to keep sensitive medical data safe.

That’s why many opt to have expensive IT infrastructure in-house or keep everything on paper.

With cloud computing, the providers abide by HIPPA and provide services at lower costs. As a result, doctors and nurses are always on the same page because they have access to the same information.

2. Electronic Patient Records

When you implement cloud computing, the next step is to use an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system.

Some patients work with several providers at the same time.

They work with specialists and general physicians. This means that if communication is lacking between the providers, the quality of care just isn’t there.

RevenueXL has this in-depth article about the benefits of EHRs that’s worth checking out.

3. Wellness in the Workplace

Any patient care provider will tell you that it’s a very stressful job.

The National Academy of Medicine reports the burnout rate among doctors and nurses is as high as 54%. The report goes on to say that the burnout rate contributes to the decline in patient care.

How can the burnout rate be lowered to provide better patient care?

Use technology to lower the administrative burden is the first step. The second step is providing caregivers more guidance and assistance around the laws and regulations that oversee the healthcare industry.

4. Set Attainable Goals

Healthcare organizations should set attainable goals for staff to meet.

These can be department goals or broad goals for the entire organization.

These goals should revolve around providing the best patient care possible.

5. Change the Business Model

One emerging trend in healthcare is the change in the business model for many healthcare providers.

Traditionally, healthcare providers are paid based on the services they provide. Hospitals would charge for insane line items with this model.

Better quality care lies in paying providers when patients have better health. The value-based model forces healthcare providers to focus on the patient.

Improving Patient Care One Step at a Time

There are several necessary changes that need to happen in the healthcare industry.

One of the biggest changes revolves around improving patient care.

It is possible to do that and lower healthcare costs at the same time. Providers need to utilize technology better, using cloud services, and move all documents online. Managing provider burnout is another key step in improving the quality of care.

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