The Benefits of Using Honor Magicbook 14


You may be curious about the benefits of using Honor Magicbook 14. Here, we give you some of the benefits to make you sure that this gadget is worth it for you. You can also learn why you have to take this PC to support your activity. Please check the user reviews about HONOR magicbook 14 for your additional reference.

Lightweight and Stylish Model

Indeed, you want a lightweight PC that you can bring comfortably all day long, right? Honor gives it through Honor MagicBook 14. You are about to bring a PC with only 1.38kg, and it is one of the most lightweight PC in its class.

Now, it doesn’t matter if you want to bring it all day long. The touch of the azure blue chamfer in the body makes this PC look beautiful, eye-catching, and different from other PCs. Honor gives you two options, which are space gray and mystic silver. 


The use of aluminum material for the chassis is not only to make this PC lightweight but also durable. As a result, you can bring the PC anywhere and anytime you want and use it outdoors and indoors.

You can finish a variety of tasks no matter the location. The durable material also protects the crucial circuits inside the laptop. The more durable the body material, the longer the lifespan duration. 

Innovative Features

Honor always try to improve their products to produce high-quality gadgets. One of the innovative features is the fan. Instead of using an ordinary fan, Honor MagicBook 14 applies a fan with more blades. This simple innovation significantly affects the performance of the PC.

The blades reduce noise as well as manage the airflow well. You can work comfortably without any disruption from the sound of the fan. The most important thing is that the temperature of this PC is stable while you use it. 

The reason why you are uncomfortable while using a PC outdoors is the reflection of sunlight. Nowadays, you don’t have to think about it anymore. Honor solves it by using a fully laminated display.

It is also an innovative method to reduce the reflection of sunlight on the LCD panel. As a result, you will get sharper and clear images on the screen even when you use this gadget outdoors. 

Honor also uses a different storage drive than other PCs. This new SSD storage drive is even five times faster than a standard SATA SSD drive. It is suitable for users who have to launch several apps at once to finish their tasks. 

Impressive Battery 

Honor knows that you need a PC that can work a little bit longer than traditional PCs in the market. Due to this problem, Honor applies a high-tech battery with a better energy management system.

This battery stands for up to 10.5 hours when it is fully recharged. You can work longer with this PC. It is suitable for users who often work with a tight deadline.

The impressive thing is not only about the battery life but also the charging time. You don’t need to wait for too long anymore to get the battery fully recharged.

In half an hour, you will see the battery power reaches 46% and the charging time is faster compared to the ordinary PCs. The faster the battery recharging process, the faster you can continue your projects. 

Impressive Security System  

Honor cares about how precious your files are. Some of them may be confidential files that not all people can see. Due to its importance, Honor MagicBook 14 is using a fingerprint security system to protect precious files.

It means that only the owners can turn on the PC. The benefit is that you don’t have to memorize a specific password only to turn on the PC.

All you have to do is put your fingerprint on the scanner, and the PC turns on in a few seconds. You can’t see the webcam at a glance although you see it on the package information.

Honor creates a pop-up webcam and places it on the keyboard. This feature appears only when you want to use it.

Keep the webcam hidden when you don’t need it yet. The goal is to keep your privacy. These security systems reduce your worry while using the PC in public. No one can do anything with your laptop.   

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