You might think that traveling with a laptop is a nuisance. It takes up space and adds some extra weight to your carry-on.

However, traveling with a smartphone is not the same thing as traveling with your laptop alongside it. We all know how powerful smartphones are getting and they can pretty much do anything nowadays. They get the job done and seem to be enough for any regular traveler.

With a laptop, however, things get so much easier than having to do everything on your phone. This is why we bring you a thorough list of the best laptops for travel and why it’s a good idea to bring a laptop with you on your next trip.

Why You Should Travel With a Laptop

For example, for any freelancer or remote workers. If you work remotely, you already know how essential your laptop is for you. That being said, freelancers may try to get their work done on their phones when they travel, as they don’t feel like carrying around their laptops but, it’s a lot easier to be productive with a laptop.

Also, any type of entertainment on your laptop outshines the things you can do on your phone. Social media is always fun but scrolling through Instagram isn’t the only thing you can do while traveling. Some of you like to watch your favorite series on Netflix, read downloaded e-books on your library, or even play video games.

Doing all these things on your laptop with a wider and better display screen will always be better. You’ll save your eyes from unnecessary straining and you won’t have to worry about draining your phone’s battery so quickly.

Another great reason to travel with your laptop is that you can accomplish any travel-related tasks, such as dealing with hotel bookings, car rentals, or even making reservations for any specific tourist activity. Not every service or website has an easy mobile app that you can download. So having to do an important change to your itinerary through your phone isn’t as simple.

You also never know what kind of problems you might face at the airport. There could always be a misunderstanding of paperwork or something you forgot to do, such as apply for an electronic visa. If you come across an unexpected situation like this, being able to visit any government sites through a laptop will definitely save you.

You might not plan on having to do any of these things on your trip. But no doubt that having a laptop in hand will make these tasks much easier to accomplish if the opportunity arises, which on most trips, they do.

Best Laptops for Travel

Now that you’ve seen just how practical it is to travel with a laptop, you still might be hesitant because you don’t want to deal with having to carry a heavy device that takes up too much of your space. Today, we’re bringing you a complete list of the 10 best laptops you can bring on your trip.


This beauty, which only weighs 2.7 pounds, has been proven to fulfill all the necessary basic needs for any user in the best possible way.

It’s a comfortably small laptop, measuring 11.6”x7.8”x0.6″. It’s small enough to travel but not too small where you’re fingers will cramp together when using the keyboard.

The 4K resolution also makes you have a quality experience when reading, playing games, or watching Netflix. There are different configurations available for this laptop, which broadens your options a lot more. Some of them even include a higher resolution display and a touchscreen.

MacBook Air 13”

Aside from the jaw-dropping design, it contains many benefits.

One of those benefits includes the design of the keyboard. The thing we notice the most when using our laptops is the way our fingers move when we type and the actual feel of the keyboard. Apple did struggle a bit the past few years designing a keyboard that everyone would like but, they finally succeeded as they designed a keyboard where the keys weren’t too far apart and they barely make noise when you type.

Its design contains a massive trackpad that really eases things when it comes to scrolling or clicking and the processor that Apple decided to go with on this particular design, makes it an incredibly fast-working laptop.

HP Spectre x360 13T 2-in-1

This model is a convertible laptop that allows you to use it as if it were a tablet. You can flip it and use its touchscreen with ease, which is a great attribute when traveling.

It’s also packed with all kinds of ports. Headphone jacks, USB ports, etc. Most thin and lightweight laptops have had to remove the number of practical ports in order to make them as thin as possible but HP found a way to include them without having to make it look like a brick.

Plus, Its reduced reflective screen means you can watch anything you want in practically any setting. Its enhanced contrast allows you to see things clearly even if you’re sitting under the bright sun.

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Lenovo Flex 14” 2-in-1

The laptops mentioned above are great no doubt but the prices may sting our wallets a little and some of us can’t afford them. This Lenovo model is the most high-quality yet affordable laptop out there, and this page will show you why we say it’s a good budget laptop.

It’s a very light laptop, only being 3.5 pounds and being convertible, you can easily use it as a tablet or even in tent mode as it’s got a sturdy design, meaning it can hold itself up pretty well without any shaking or wobbling.

It also contains AMD’s Ryzen processors. These were an excellent choice to implement as it makes the laptop perform at a good speed. Plus, the keyboard is backlit, meaning you can use it at night or even on the plane while everyone is sleeping.

MacBook Pro 2020

Apple does offer another great choice for those professionals out there. The MacBook Pro is made for those who need to get some heavy work done on their laptop, even while on a trip such as editing photos on Photoshop.

It offers a significantly longer battery life than the Macbook Air, up to 10 hours. It’s slightly heavier, but only by very little, weighing approximately 3.1 pounds. The build quality has also been known to be above average.

It offers up to 500 nits of brightness and brings a new magic keyboard. It’s a touch bar located above the physical keyboard that has several uses, such as to switch from tab to tab on your browser, adjust volume and brightness levels, or even choose an emoji while messaging someone.

Asus Expertbook B9450

This laptop will refuse to die on you, which is always the one thing we worry about when traveling-our devices running out of battery. This Asus model offers 22 hours of battery life which can mean it’s the best laptop for work travel for anyone who has to be doing business constantly.

This laptop’s keyboard offers 1.5 mm travel distance and is designed with an ErgoLift hinge, which means the keys are slightly elevated making it ten times easier for anyone to type on. This also means your laptop will ventilate more and will prevent it from overheating.

Microsoft Surface Book

For all the minimalists out there, this laptop is definitely the one for you. It’s not just 2-in-1, but also detachable from its keyboard, meaning that it works just like a tablet! It’s probably the lightest all-in-one laptop on this list.

It can also run heavy programs smoothly, such as lightroom.

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Acer Spin 3

For the artists who don’t want to settle for just a tablet, this laptop is for you. Its design allows for the user to rotate the screen fully, meaning it can make it easier and more comfortable to illustrate on with the stylus it comes with.

It comes with an in-built slot to charge your stylus. Place it in for 15 seconds and you can use it fully for another 90 minutes!

Asus ZenBook

For those gamers who like to take their games everywhere they go, this would have to be the best gaming laptop for travel. The Asus ZenBook is integrated with strong graphic performance, meaning you don’t have to lower your game resolution like you normally would on an average laptop.

Unlike usual laptops, its keyboard comes with a number pad and offers 1TB of storage. That’s is more than enough space to install your games.

Lenovo Yoga C940

Lenovo specifically designed this laptop for those who prefer to work on their phones. It turns on the moment you lift the lid, the fingerprint reader works smoothly and just as fast as the one on your phone and it connects to your Wifi without any trouble. 2-in-1, long battery life, and lightweight as well!

Take Your Pick

These are all the best laptops for travel purposes. They are great and offer everything you need, depending on what you will be using it for. Either way, each one will be great to take with you on a trip as they’re all light as a feather and incredibly thin.

They are all good enough as well to get any basic travel tasks done.

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