The death of Robert De Niro’s grandson at the age of 19 .. “They found him dead while he was sitting.”

Robert De Niro

It was announced that the grandson of the world star, Robert De Niro, had passed away at the age of 19, according to what his mother, actress Drina De Niro, announced on her Instagram account, without revealing the reasons for his departure, which was a shock among the stars in Hollywood.

Drina expressed her deep sorrow for the loss of her son with heartfelt words. She lovingly described him as her sweet and beautiful angel, cherished from the moment she felt him in her stomach. He brought joy to her heart and represented everything pure and genuine in her life. Although she wishes she could be with him now, she acknowledges the challenge of living without him. Nevertheless, she is determined to carry on and share the love and light that being his mother made her feel.

He was sitting on his chair

The news caused a state of shock among the stars close to Leonardo, while TMZ reported that Leonardo De Niro died in his apartment in New York.

The site stated that the grandson’s friend discovered his death when he entered his apartment in New York and found him dead while sitting on a chair, indicating that there were no clear signs that led to his death.

Leonardo De Niro had participated in many works, including A Star Is Born in 2018, where he played the role of “Leo Stone”, and Drina also appeared in the role of his mother and the wife of the hero’s friend.

While his grandfather, the international star Robert De Niro, through the new movie About My Father, has achieved great success since last May 26, with theaters in 20 countries around the world.

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