There are many different breeds of dogs that exist worldwide. Depending upon where you live, some are very popular, whereas others will not be very high on the list. Dogs are often evaluated based upon their level of intelligence, how playful they are, and their ability to respond to commands. However, there is one thing that is often not on the list, and that is how dogs smell in comparison to others. Anyone who has had a dog understands that dogs can get wet, and when they do, they will have a very unfortunate aroma. There are even dogs that will have a unique odor that is not appealing when they are dry. Here is an overview of some of India’s top dog breeds and which ones stick the most.

Typical Dog Breeds In India That Are Popular

The dog breeds that are in India are going to be somewhat similar to any other country. However, those that are most favorable in India can differ quite substantially. For example, the Beagle, worldwide, is regarded as one of the best dogs you can have. It is a type of hound dog known for being very friendly and extremely intelligent, considered one of the top small to medium-sized dogs often used for sniffing out drugs at airports. If you continue to go down the list, you will see German shepherds, the Great Dane, and many others. This list does not tend to present which ones stink the most. For that information, you have to get more in-depth information.

The Main Reasons That Dogs Will Stink

There are so many reasons behind stinky breath in dog and their unfortunate smell. In most cases, it has to do with the frequency at which they are bathed regularly. Even though dog owners may continually have their dog inside their home, they can still develop an aroma that is not going to be pleasant. The reason for this is that every dog, like a human, has pores on its skin. Dogs can secrete an excessive amount of oil from glands below the upper layer of the skin. This will produce a too musty aroma. It is either bad or extremely bad in many cases because of their diet, or they may be dealing with some infection.

Which Dogs Are More Susceptible To Infections?

Dogs that are kept in poorly ventilated areas are often the ones that will develop infections more than others. Additionally, extremely young dogs will secrete these oils, and these oils can subsequently lead to infections occurring. Inside of the body, if they have not been vaccinated, infections can develop within and rise to the surface. Certain dog breeds are more prone to developing these infections, and these are the ones that will likely stink the worst.

Dog Breeds In India That Stink

Going back to the top dog breeds in India, you will see several that will fall into this category. Although it may not be directly from a lack of bathing or even infections, there are just certain dogs that have an unpleasant smell.

The Beagle

The Beagle, as mentioned before, is extremely popular, but it also has a very distinguishable odor that many people cannot stand. They may do their best to keep the dog clean, but whether it is dry or wet, they will often have a very bad smell.

The St. Bernard

St. Bernard’s are also on this list of dogs that people have in India that are extremely smelly. It is usually the long hair St. Bernard’s, which are not groomed very well, plus they have the excessive habit of drooling, which can lead to a constant and distinctive foul smell.

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Although you would imagine that a bulldog, which has short hair, would not produce a bad aroma, there is an undeniable stench that these creatures will have. It has to do with the way their skin is designed on the outside of the body. Although it may look adorable, these many rolls of the skin can develop infections very easily, leading to unbelievable smells unless these dogs are washed and cared for properly.

These are just a few of the dogs that can smell terrible that are popular in the country of India. Dogs of all different breeds can be found in virtually every country, but these particular ones smell very bad. Whether you are looking for a new dog or having one right now, you may want to do what you can to improve their hygiene. However, there are just some dogs like the ones listed above that are going to stink.

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